H Earl Clack Museum Havre

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H Earl Clack Museum
Holiday Village Shopping Center
1753 US Hwy 2 NW 1
Tel: 406 265-4000


The museum is located in the Holiday Village Shopping Center. This can be found at 1753 US Hwy 2 NW 1, in Havre in Montana. Dino country!

Where are we going today?

History isn't always massive wars, or events that shake the world. History is made everyday, in every part of the world.

H. Early Clack Museum delicately showcases the history of the area - of Havre and of Montana. It's a fascinating history that kids can explore, imagining what all the artifacts they have carefully preserved would have been used for back in their day.

The museum itself is immersed in local history, as well as of the surrounding area. Native American Indians have, and still had, an incredible impact on the state. You can see original costumes, wardrobes, as well as tools they would have used. Even photos from back in their days on the plains. 

The exhibits here are a great way for kids to learn more about these cultures. Buffalo Soldiers, Military Uniforms and Fort Assiniboine are all covered, as well as the development of Havre itself.

Furniture in a museum? Yep! Every piece has it's own story - can you imagine what those stories would be? 

Montana museum and no dinosaurs? Of course there are! They are part of the Montana Dinosaur Trail so naturally they have many dinosaur exhibits! Can you imagine what some of these creatures would have looked like back in the day?

They would have been HUGE!

Occasionally they have fun activities for kids too - where they can come in and have a great time thanks to the lovely people of the town who donate their services to make it happen! 

The H. Earl Clack Museum is a sweet experience for kids. Great for those who live in the area and want to find out more about the history of a town they know so well. And great for those visiting who will get to know more about a place they might have thought about having such a rich history.

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How much does it cost?

  • AdultsFree!
  • ChildrenFree!

When can we go?

Vary on season. Fall/ Winter hours Tues - Sat 1pm - 5pm.

Year round.

Teachers corner

A great chance for local schools to find out about the history of their own area. .

Any Top Tips?

Keep an eye out for events that they hold across the year! Some have really fascinating historical themes. .

More information

Whilst the museum is free, they do appreciate donations if you feel they deserve it. That way the museum can stay free for everyone in the future! .

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