Wise Wonders Children's Museum

Billings, MT

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Address: 110 N 29th St, Billings, MT 59101, USA Number: 406 702-1280 Website Contact How do we get there?

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A museum isn't always just walking around and looking at pretty things in glass cases. Nope! In Billings, Montana, the Wise Wonders Children's Museum is a place where kids can not only learn, but they learn through a fun and hands on way!

Wise Wonders has a number of creative exhibits and stations, where kids can build creativity, problem solve, innovate, and take part in self-directed learning. They were created to allow kids to be inspired, and use their imagination. Sounds fun!

The various exhibits and stations at Wise Wonders were each designed with learning in mind, so they each introduce those inquisitive minds to a new area. It might be technology, science, math, and even engineering. 

The STEM based system is a great way for kids to really use their minds, as well as their hands. The science exhibits allow them to try a new way of thinking, and experiment. They can discover, ask questions, and observe what the other kids are doing.

Technology allows them to use tools, invent, and identify problems. Make sure you're there to see their face when they finally learn how something works!

Engineering is where kids can problem solve, design, build, and experience a variety of materials. Gears, pulleys and wheels are all waiting in these popular stations!

And finally math - it doesn't have to be boring for them! At Wise Wonders they can find out ways to measure patterns, sequences, volume, size and shapes. The learning continues right out of the classroom!

Wise Wonders is a place where kids won't realize they are learning. They will be having too much fun getting creative!

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There is metered street parking on 29th St, and surrounded area

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Check out their calendar for some fun events across the year!

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Healthy Eating You can take bottled water into the museum but not outside food

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They love having students there for field trips! Why not book your place and let the learning continue out of the classroom!

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Can you have a birthday party there? Of course you can! Why not celebration in style with some creativity and experimenting!

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If you have special needs, just give the museum a call to see how they can assist you

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Baby Facilities

Try and leave the stroller at home as there is limited space to park them in the museum

When can we go?

10am - 3pm

Tuesday to Saturday. Closed 4th July, Thanksgiving and Chrismas

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