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Craters Of The Moon National Park Arco

Where is it at?

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Craters Of The Moon National Park
Off Hwy 20, 26 & 93
Tel: 208 527 1335


The visitor center is located off Highway 20/26/93 mid-way between Arco and Carey, Idaho. The park is about 18 miles west of Arco.

Where are we going today?

Volcanic craters in Idaho? You better believe it! The Craters Of The Moon National Park is an INCREDIBLE part of the country! It's a vast ocean of amazing lava flows, dotted with islands of sagebrush and cinder cones.

This weird and wonderful landscape was created from volcanic events way back when in history, which shaped the land to what it is today.  Know what else is great? Whilst the kids will be having a great time experiencing this new landscape, they will also be learning (and probably not realize it with all the fun they are having!) The history, the environment and the geology is all there ready to be learnt.

Start your experience at the Craters Of The Moon National Park at the Visitor Center, where you can view modern exhibits, as well as a short film all about this unique part of the USA. Education has to start somewhere! There are also friendly staff members who will be on hand to advise you on the best way to experience this sometimes tricky landscape.

Think the landscape looks barren with it's moonlike appearance? You'll be surprised to know that over 750 plant types and 300 animal species call this part of the world home! There are activities for both summer and winter, so whatever time of the year, there will be something for you to enjoy!

In spring and summer why not take in the view on the scenic 7 mile drive, or hike up the North Crater Flow trail. If you have more time, you can hike the Broken Top Loop or Tree Molds Trails, or even explore the Indian Tunnel. 

Come winter, strap on those skis for some cross-country skiing along the trail - it's amazing to see the contract with the rugged landscape peeking up through the white snow! 

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How much does it cost?

  • Adults$8 per vehicle. $4 per person on foot.
  • ChildrenSame as adult
  • Free Under: 15 years.

When can we go?

Visitor Center open year round 8am to 4:30pm daily (to 6pm Memorial Day through Labor Day).

Every day, 24 hours a day.

Teachers corner

Craters of the Moon is an out of this world outdoor classroom! Plan a field trip or link to curriculum materials that can be used at school..

I'm Hungry!

There are no food services available in the park, so make sure you bring a stock of food. There are places to grab food about 18 miles east of the Visitor Center in Arco. .

Healthy Eating!

Keep plenty of healthy snacks and water on you for your energy! .

Any Top Tips?

Download a Geo Ranger kids' pack before you go, completing the activities will help them learn and they can then mail it off complete to get a ranger sticker. Everyone loves to be a ranger! .

Doing our bit

The park make sure they look after and preserve all the wildlife in the park, and the terrain, so help out by taking all of your trash with you when you leave. Gotta keep it clean! .

Need a little extra help?

The visitor center, including restrooms, is fully accessible. Restrooms in the campground are fully accessible and there is a fully accessible campsite in the campground. Devil's Orchard Trail, the "Snow Cone" portion of the Spatter Cones trail and the sidewalk connecting the campground to the visitor center are fully accessible..

More information

The park completely changes in every season, so keep coming back for a whole new experience! .

What people are saying?

  • "Hot, black rocks that bored..."

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    Older children were bored. The younger achieved their ranger patch which kept them somewhat busy. The caves? Not worth your time as they were plain rock and dirt. The path? Narrow and made of hot asphalt. The view? Rocky. The video? Great!

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