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Challis, ID

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Address: Salmon - Challis National Forest, Challis, ID 83226, USA Number: 208.721.8772 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Close your eyes for a moment - what sounds better:  sitting in front of the television for the day, channel surfing trying to find something good on, OR setting out for the amazing Idaho wilderness where you can spend the day next to a fire on the river banks, fly fishing under the trees, or getting soaked as you raft through the white waters of the Salmon River? 

The latter? We think so too!

Sawtooth Adventure Company offers a host of super fun family tours that will get you all out into the beautiful wilderness for some amazing adventures!

Rafting your thing? Then just as well they have an awesome 1 day rafting trip which is perfect for families! The Family Whitewater Adventure is the most popular trip, and gives you Class III rapids which are great for families and teens.  Pass by granite boulders, over crystal clear water, and lush green will be a pro in no time! 

Got smaller kids? Then the Scenic Sawtooth is perfect as there aren't any rapids, and so great for all ages and abilities. You can float through the incredible Sawtooth Valley (what a cool name!) and of course there are plenty of opportunities to check out the local wildlife! 

Fly-fishing is a great sport for all ages, and Sawtooth Adventure Company can offer this for you too! If you have never fly-fished before, there is a fun introduction to fly fishing to get you going. 

From paddleboarding, to mountain biking adventures there really is something for the whole family to keep you active, excited, and out from that television! 

Sawtooth Adventure Company is waiting to give your family an incredible family day out you will never forget! 

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Tours from $88 (Over 13 years)



Tours from $70 (Ages 4 - 12)


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They also do horseback riding and rock climbing too - what do they NOT do!?

Any top tips?


Check the calendar of the trips you want to do because each trip has different dates.

I'm Hungry!


Some of the tours you can book with lunch or snacks, and don't worry - not burgers or hot dogs. Freshly prepared food which tastes amazing!

Healthy Eating Always carry water with you - it's important to stay hydrated!

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Where is it at?


You can find the company near the Salmon River on Hwy 75, just near the intersection with 633 (Nip and Tuck Road)

Teachers corner


They do group trips and youth adventure programs which are great to really get the kids out learning new skills, and experiencing new parts of the country!

Need a little extra help?


If you have disabilities, just give them a call to discuss what tours you might be able to join.

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When can we go?

Times of tours vary - you will get departure time when you book

Tours are seasonal

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