Things to do in Washington DC with kids

America’s capital city! There are so many fun things to do in Washington D.C. It’s an incredibly vibrant city, and with it’s beautiful parks and fascinating history, there are so many great places to visit as a family.

First on any family itinerary, should be the great Washington staples. The grand White House, home to all but one president, and the icon of D.C. (Did you know that two thirds of the building is underground? Pretty cool!)

The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, and FDR Memorial are all incredible parts of history that you will recognise from the history books, and a must see in the city.

But there are also modern attractions which are just as fascinating! The incredible Newseum will surpass any expectation you had of it going in, and the SUPER fun and unique City Segway Tour- a brilliant and novel way to see the city (Plus you learn super fun facts about the city on your travels!)

National parks, museums, aquariums, zoos, botanical gardens, play centers…Washington is as ecclectic, accommodating, and affordable as it is educational and historic. It’s the best of both worlds for kids of all ages and their families.


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