Things To Do For Active Kids Near Me in Maryland

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Planning your Trip to Maryland

Maryland is home to rugged remote mountains, sleek shopping malls, history, and beautiful nature, making this a wonderful vacation with the kids. 

Whether you’re into food, music, culture, and art, you will find so many cool things to do in Maryland with the kids. 

There is so much to experience in Maryland that suits all budgets. Visiting Maryland with the kids is a holiday of a lifetime. There are so many amazing things to do! Whether you’re a family that loves an adventure, spending time outdoors, or immersing yourself in the local art and culture, Maryland is the perfect vacation for kids and adults too. 

Listed below are some of the exciting things to do in Maryland with the kids. 

Enjoy Storyville

If you have young children take them to Storyville at the Woodlawn branches of the Baltimore Country Public Library or at the Rosedale. Here your kids will enjoy learning, and playing with toys. There are several pretend-to-play-up stations such as construction zones, playtime mailrooms, and grocery stores. Here your kids will learn how to interact and play with other kids.

Salisbury Zoo 

If your child loves animals then be sure to take them to Salisbury Zoo where they can see lots of incredible animals, such as otters, alligators, birds, bears, pythons, and much more. The zoo is completely free which makes this extra special! 

Visit Ocean City Beach

If you’re visiting during the summer then why not have a fun day at the beach? Visit Ocean City and spend a nice relaxing time in the water, Enjoy the day in the sun whilst your child enjoys the local water sports such as kayaking, surfing, and even fishing. 

There are also lots of free activities during the summer such as kite festivals, movies, and concerts. 

Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens is located in North Baltimore. Full of colourful tulips and bright summer flowers. Tulips bloom in April and May. Sherwood Gardens is famous for its tulips. Some years you can expect to see up to 80,000 tulips peak during April. As part of the experience, you can visit the garden and dig up and purchase your tulips.

During this season you can enjoy the free music events and activities. 

Baltimore Museum of Art

This is another fun place to take the kids for free. Enjoy watching your children learn about art and immersing themselves in the local exhibitions. The exhibits constantly change and are always interactive.

Maryland is often referred to as Miniature America due to its varied landscape and diversity of attractions and cultures. While the state may be on the smaller side, it’s surrounded by beautiful shorelines, historical sites, and lively cities, making this an ideal place to have a vacation.

There are lots of beautiful neighbourhoods to visit in Maryland. Listed below are our top 5 neighbourhoods to visit. 


Despite having a gritty reputation, this city is lively and has lots of appealing attractions. Appealing to everyone from art lovers, museum visitors, sports enthusiasts, and families that enjoy immersing themselves in the local culture, Baltimore is a great place to visit with the kids. Full of family-friendly attractions including the popular Inner Harbour Neighbourhood, Maryland Science Centre, National Aquarium, and the Port Discovery Museum. 

Ocean City 

Ocean City is a beautiful neighbourhood to visit. With its pristine stretch of sand and plenty of kid-friendly attractions, Ocean City offers everything for the perfect vacation with the kids. The 10-mile-long beach is great for swimming because of the gentle waves. Ocean City boasts a wonderful broadway full of bars, restaurants, amusement parks, fun attractions, and park rides that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. 


This is a prime spot to get out and enjoy the water. Known as the sailing capital of the US. This wonderful neighbourhood hosts multiple sailing-focused events throughout the year. For families that enjoy being nearby water or sailing, then be sure to visit Annapolis. 

You can also find plenty of art galleries, historic attractions, and delicious restaurants where you can try the local speciality; steamed crabs. 

Maryland has everything to offer for the perfect family vacation. Everything from beaches, historic landmarks, art, galleries, and much more, whether you’ve got young kids or teenagers, you’re sure to find the perfect family-friendly resort in Maryland. Listed below are our top 5 family-friendly resorts to stay in with the kids.

Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort Spa and Marina

Voted one of the best family vacations, the Hyatt offers everything for a family vacation including lots of events such as family Olympic events, scavenger hunts and cookie decorating. This beautiful hotel offers everything to keep the family entertained. 

Francis Scott Resort 

This resort caters directly to families with kids of all ages. Plenty of family fun entertainment from free miniature golf evets, pirate ship-themed parties, and easy access to the beach. The Francis Scott Key Resort is a wonderful place to stay for families that love outdoor activities and soaking up the sun. 

Rocky Gap Casino and Resort 

This resort suits families with children of an older age. As well as the onsite golfing and spa options, families can enjoy the Rocky Gap Casino. For adults that want some alone time, there are babysitting facilities. 

Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center

This famous hotel offers some of the best shopping in the area and entertainment on the East Coast. Enjoy the 19- story glass atrium or go on a ride on the Capitol Ferris Wheel to take in some of the fabulous views. 

Turf Resort 

The Turf Resort is beautifully scenic. Surrounded by 1000 acres of greenery, an onsite spa, and delicious restaurants to dine in. This hotel is the perfect getaway for families with kids of all ages. 

Maryland’s summer ranges between mild and hot. Most of the days during summer are relatively mild, with July being the hottest month. Temperatures range between 85 to the mid-90s. Rain typically happens during July and August.

Summer is the most popular time to visit Maryland, you can expect to see a lot of tourism and longer queues to local attractions. During this season the prices for hotels and attractions tend to be more expensive. 

During the winter the weather tends to be mild and the south and east regions of Maryland. It can get very cold in the western mountains. January tends to be the coolest month with temperatures ranging between 20-25s. 

Travelling during mid-spring is the best time of year to visit Maryland with the temperatures being mild and fewer crowds. 


Maryland is famous for its local crab as well as many other delicious dishes. Listed below are some of the top dishes and local delicacies to try. Tantalize the kid’s taste buds and indulge in the local cuisines. 

Smearcase Cheesecake 

This traditional American Cheesecake is famous in Maryland. The base is typically made with a combination of flour, oil sugar, and eggs. The Custardy topping is made with cream cheese, milk, sugar, flour, vanilla, and eggs. A sure winner for kids of all ages. Who doesn’t love cheesecake!

Local Crab

You can’t visit Maryland and not try the local crab. Baltimore is famous for its local fresh crab. There are lots of wonderful restaurants that sell crab. Coins Pub & Restaurant sell their delicious steamed crab. 

Potato Pie

The White Potato Pie is a traditional American sweet pie that originates from Maryland. The pie crust is filled with mashed potatoes, sugar, salt, butter, and whipping cream. Restaurants and local delicacies cover their potato pie in either nutmeg, lemon garnishes, or vanilla. 

Smith Island Cake 

Officially designated as the official dessert of Maryland the Smith Island cake is layered with delicious fudge, icing, cream, and crushed candy bars. Known for its colourful variety of chocolate and yellow layers. This cake can be made in various ways and with different flavours.  

Chicken Maryland

Chicken Maryland is a popular local dish. The kids love the crispy chicken combination with cream gravy. After a long day of entertaining be sure to try this local dish. Chicken rolled in flour, breadcrumbs, and fried and covered in heavy chicken gravy. This combo is a winner! 

Pit Beef Sandwich 

The pit beef sandwich originates from Baltimore. The pit beef sandwich consists of seasoned charcoaled grilled beef covered in horseradish mayonnaise and raw onions. There are many restaurants and local delicacies that sell the Pit Beef Sandwich. If you’re planning a fun day of adventures, then why not pack a picnic of pit beef sandwiches. 

Stuffed Ham

This American delicacy originates from Southern Maryland. The ham is brined in salt and stuffed with cabbage, kale, hot peppers, spices, and onions. This simple snack is perfect to keep the little ones going until their next big meal.  

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