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Museums in San Jose, CA

Did you know that San Jose has an average of over 300 sunny days a year?

Wait…come back! Don't run off to start planning your trip just yet.  Don’t you want to hear what you can do there?

San Jose is filled with fun places to go with kids. We’ll start with California’s Great America - Northern California’s largest theme park, with rides from the littlest family members to even nan and pop!

Kids can travel back in time with the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum which has the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in western North America.

Animal lovers can enjoy attractions like the the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, best on those sunny days (and we know the odds there!), and Children’s Discovery Museum lets kids explore types of animals - like the Wooley Mammoth!

San Jose also has water park, indoor play centers, state parks and even the weird and wonderful, like the Winchester Mystery House!

You certainly won’t be stuck in this vibrant, cultural melting pot city in sunny California. 

So….do you know the way to San Jose? Sorry, we couldn’t resist!

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