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50 States Of Summer - Part Five!

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The Countdown To Summer Concludes!

We hope you have really enjoyed our list, but it wouldn’t be complete without those final 10 states now would it! So, with your bags and picnics packed, your sense of adventure-ready and that sunscreen slapped on we’re off on the final stretch! Not long now until the summer fun starts so it's time to get prepared.

41. Explore Bear Country!

Really, you can go to most parts of the USA and find these amazing creatures. It’s so exciting when you spot your first one (but don’t leave that picnic food out!). However, at Bear Country USA in South Dakota, you can enjoy the largest collection of privately owned bears, as well as a range of other amazing animals!

42. Visit the home of a legend!

If you’re in Tennessee, that can only mean one thing…let’s get all shook up! That’s right….Graceland is the home of Elvis, and it’s open for tours! Just one of the many places across the USA you can experience the home of someone you look up to

43. Bounce! It’s that simple!

Bouncing is so much fun, and is GREAT for those active kids! If you’re in Texas, there are plenty of places to take the kids, like Bounce RGV, perfect for those kids up to 13 years and full of energy!

44. Witness a geological wonder

If you’re going to experience something stunning that was created by nature….Utah is one of your best options! Arches National Park is an amazing experience with some pretty incredible rock formations. Kids will love climbing over and through the arches too!

45. Eat ice cream!

You can, of course, buy ice cream in most parks and by most rivers…it’s the summer thing to do! BUT…if you’re in Vermont, why not enjoy a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory! It’s not only a learning experience, but you get to try the flavors at the end! Pretty COOL!

46. Take a Ghost Tour!

Spooky! But if you’re brave enough, it’s a fun way to see the city, AND learn interesting facts about its history. Washington’s Haunted Spokane Ghost Tours are 90 minutes and family-friendly…so get ready to experience the city’s OTHER residents! BOO!

47. Try a Segway!

It’s so much fun for kids, and a great way to see the city! If you’re in Washington DC, then the City Segway Tours are perfect to take you around those iconic sites…including the White House!

48. Do a Geocaching Challenge!

It’s a great way for the family to work together, and solve clues to get a prize! West Virginia’s ExploreWV Geo challenge lets you see the amazing scenery, AND there is even a Haunted WV Tour for Halloween

49. Embrace your favorite sport!

Now, this doesn’t you have to go out and play it, although in summer it’s always a great idea! Why not do something different, like visit a Hall of Fame! In Washington, the Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame lets you uncover 80 years of history, and see the real Super Bowl Trophy! Go Team!

50. Have a cookout!

You can arrange something yourself with this incredible experience, OR you can visit somewhere like Stagecoach Adventure and Old West Cookout in Wyoming for an authentic cowboy cookout steak dinner, surrounded by wildlife! Imagine spending summer with all those stars around you! Pretty incredible! So there you have it! 50 States of Summer all ready for you to get inspired by. We hope you have an AMAZING summer, and we can’t wait to hear about all your adventures! Send us pictures!

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