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Planning your Trip to Minnesota

Minnesota is specifically known for being a place filled with nice people and lots of fun things to do with kids. Consistently ranked among one of the best places to visit for families with kids. You can find lots of activities for children all year round. Be sure to pack clothes suitable for all weathers as the weather can change very quickly in Minnesota.

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes and is especially wonderful to visit during the summer. Beautiful landscapes, historic buildings, and fun attractions make Minnesota a great vacation for families with kids. 

If you’re looking for the perfect family getaway full of adventures and activities, then Minnesota is the best holiday destination. Catering for all family needs, a holiday in Minnesota ticks all the boxes. 

Listed below are some of the top suggestions of fun things to do in Minnesota with kids.

Fawn Doe Rosa

Wildlife education is pure magic for children. The big lake, goats, and deer’s that eat straight out of your hands make the Fawn Doe Rosa a truly magical place to visit with the kids. The road trip to Taylors Falls is spectacular! The scenery will keep the little ones entertained. 

Drive-in Movie

There is no better way to celebrate the perfect summer night than watching a movie outdoors. Visit Vali Hi Drive-in in Lake Elmo or the Starlite Drive-In in Litchfield. Enjoy a movie under the stars.

Strawberry picking 

Strawberry season generally takes place between the months of June and July. During the spring the berries are ready for picking, Strawberry picking is fun for the whole family. Pick a lovely sunny day and relax picking strawberries in Minnesota’s beautiful orchards. 

Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota

The Children’s Museum is a fun place to take the kids. Allow them to explore their imagination. Children can play and pretend to be farmers, and builders interacting with life-like objects in different fun settings. 

For the younger child, they have designated toddler-friendly and infant areas loaded with toddler toys and books. For children of all ages, the museum offers access to friendly livestock including cows, sheep, baby chicks, and miniature horses.

Tettegouche State Park 

Tettegouche State Park is located along Lake Superior and is one of the best ways to view the shoreline along the North Shore. Tettegouche State Park Is full of exciting things to do for the kids, like hiking, swimming, and photography. On a beautiful clear day, you can take amazing photos that capture the beauty of Lake Superior.

Hiking the Superior Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail is a long 211-mile hike. The trail is perfect for families that love adventure and the great outdoors. Enjoy the unspoiled wilderness and try camping if you’re looking for an adventure. 

Depending on the time of year you visit, make sure you pack the appropriate clothing. The weather can change very quickly in Minnesota and it’s best to be prepared. If you’re travelling with young children the long hike might be too much for them and therefore you can enjoy walking around the lake instead.  

Voyageurs National Park 

Minnesota is home to numerous state parks. Voyageurs National Park is Minnesota’s only national park. It’s a place to experience and enjoy the pine trees, lakes, and wetlands. If you’re a family that loves to go walking in the great outdoors then be sure to visit Voyageurs National Park 

Minnesota is a vacation paradise. Home to some of the most attractive cities for festivals, prestigious theatres, and art museums. If you’re planning a trip to Minnesota you won’t be disappointed. There is so much to see and do, visiting the Northern shore, Mississippi River, or the Twin Cities, Minnesota is a wonderful vacation for families with kids. 

The state of Minnesota is also known as the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Holidaying in Minnesota is the perfect place for families that love nature and adventure. During the warmer months, Minnesota becomes very crowded and you will have to queue to access attractions and parks. 

If you want to avoid the peak season and humid weather conditions then the best time to visit is during the Spring. Winters can be extremely cold and not suitable for younger kids. Planning your trip according to the seasons will hopefully make your trip easier and less stressful when it comes to the little ones. 

The neighborhoods in Minnesota are full of diversity and their own unique personalities. Everything from relaxation to hip and happening! Arts, entertainment, and independent shops Attractions and wonderful places to visit are plentiful in Minnesota. Each neighbourhood has its very own offering, catering to all tastes and needs of families with kids. 

Listed below are the top three neighbourhoods to stay with kids.

Grand Avenue

Grand Avenue is full of stunning modern architecture. Here you will find lots of wonderful restaurants to choose from. For sweet lovers, you can find some wonderful sweet gifts and baked goods at the local stores. 

If your children love to read there is a wonderful book store, The Red Balloon Bookshop which is devoted to selling the best children’s books. If you’re visiting during the summer then be sure to visit the Grand Ole Creamery and sample their homemade ice cream.


Northeast is a tourist hotspot stretching over the historic Mississippi riverfront and along East Hennepin Avenue and Broadway Street. Loaded with coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops. Perfect for families that enjoy history and dining out.

Northeast is rather beautiful and full of fun things to do for families with kids. 


Uptown is known for its energetic atmosphere. Full of fashionistas, rock music, and eccentric people. Uptown is fun for families that love the music scene and liveliness.

Uptown is located south of Downtown Minneapolis and is boarded by Lake Calhoun and Dupont Avenue. 

If you’re a family that loves walking and taking it easy on holiday, then Uptown is your destination. Visit one of the many delicious restaurants or go shopping along Dupont Avenue. 

Minnesota has quickly become a popular destination for families with kids. With many wonderful resorts and hotels with water parks, Minnesota is a great getaway for families with kids. 

Listed below are some hotel choices for families looking for fun. These accommodations include lots of kid-friendly activities, spa areas, and family services.

Ludlow’s Island Resort

Ludlow Island Resort is located on Lake Vermilion and offers everything from fishing and aquatic activities. Families can rent paddle boats, outdoor gear, and fishing equipment. There are plenty of activities to keep the kids busy whilst the adults are relaxing. 

Ludlow offers a lakeside cabin experience and everything you need to have a wonderful, relaxing hotel. Suitable for families with children of all ages. 

Black Pine Beach Resort

The Black Pine Beach is located in Pequot Lake and is known for being a little less ordinary and more extraordinary. Suitable for families with children of all ages, especially those that love adventure and outdoor water sports. 

Black Pine Beach offers lots of water activities, fishing, swimming, and lots of water sports on the lake. 

Foods you must try in Minnesota

The  Grand View Lodge Spa & Golf Resort is located in Nisswa and offers a wonderful spa and golf course. There are plenty of activities at the resort that will keep the kids entertained for hours. The hotel offers kids programs and onsite day activities. 

During the evening you can expect more entertainment for children and adults. 

Minnesota offers lots of different foods in all forms of flavours. Due to the location, you can find many various ethnicities and cultures to suit all taste buds. Everything from comfort food, homegrown, or something a little outrageous. 

Listed below are some of our top suggestions. 


 Hotdish is not technically and single recipe but more of a long-standing Minnesotan dining. Evolving from using canned cream of mushroom, meat, and vegetables, the hotdish is a staple meal in all households in Minnesota and is absolutely delicious! 

Popular for the little ones and adults too. This dish is best enjoyed during the colder months. Depending on the restaurant you go to you can expect them to use either turkey, beef, or lamb. Layered with mushroom soup and canned vegetables, green beans, onions, and lots of potatoes.


Spam is short for spiced ham and is enjoyed by many in Minnesota, Famous for feeding the troops in World War II. This pre-cooked pork is served often with sushi rice and held together with nori seaweed. This dish is very popular with adults and children. Typically, you can find this dish in Japanese restaurants. 

If you’re a fan of spam you can pay a visit to the free Spam Museum in Spamtown! 

Juicy Lucy Sandwich

The Juicy Lucy Sandwich is essentially the king of burgers. Normally with the burger, you place the cheese on top, with the Juicy Lucy you place the cheese between meat patties. 

Whatever time of day, the Juicy Lucy is amazing. Kids love the beef patty and especially after a day of fun in the sun. 

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