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Our family attraction listings are mainly compiled based on public recommendations from parents following their successful family day out experiences.

Using Our Search Facility

While our in-house search engines are based on what we see as common sense, with the epic level of variety we have on offer for you it’s worth knowing how we define our categories. Some things are pretty obvious, we like to think: Skiing, Campsites, Theme Parks, but others cover more than the category title would imply. Here are a few pointers on how this works: ‘Animals and Nature’ covers a wide range: zoos and aquariums, safari parks, falconry centres and children’s farms, anything where the creatures are the stars of the show. ‘Transport ‘ not only covers railways and boat rides, but heritage centres, museums and any kids’ activities which focus specifically on a form or method of transportation.

Play Parks and Great Outdoors 

This search generally covers anything outside with unstructured open play: national parks, woodlands, botanic gardens and adventure playgrounds for sure, but also non historical natural features like waterfalls and canyons.

The difference between ‘Kids’ Fun’ and ‘Things For Active kids To Do’ is the amount of energy required: sports, physical challenges and anything involving the word ‘adrenalin’ goes in the ‘Active’ category; while ‘Fun’ covers not just the classic and whimsical family options but also those wonderful little oddities that it’s so hard to define. The difference between ‘History’ and ‘Museums’ is usually formality: things ranging from an organised collection of exhibitions through to educationally interactive children’s sites fit into the museum category, while the other tends to cover everything else historically oriented that defies other definition.


This category offers stage and puppet shows, plus special cinemas, while ‘Tours’ covers guided and self-guided adventures plus sightseeing opportunities and behind-the-scenes experiences. Last but by no means least, our ‘Water Fun’ category is dedicated to anything wet beyond the norm - heated lidos, diving facilities, and seawater lagoons, to full-on interactive splash parks with slides of all types: if it’s a bit more exciting than bobbing about this is where you’ll find it! We are also adding new categories such as 'Underground' which has caves and mines and also'Artistic', which as the name implies is for creative pursuits.

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