Laser Tag Near Me in Lincoln, NE

Lincoln - no not Abraham! Lincoln is the capital city of the beautiful Nebraska, and offers kids an endless range of fun things to do on your family day out! 

From fun centers, museums, sports, zoos and art - kids of all ages will find something they LOVE (so be prepared for a second trip!)

19 acres of animals? Just for kids?  Why not! Lincoln Children’s Zoo has more than 300 animals - all from a child’s eye view! Kids can escape to 19 landscaped acres right in the heart of the city while they learn about the weird and wonderful creatures of the world.

A museum where kids can build, sing, create, play and climb? We’re not kidding! No “Do Not Touch” signs at the Lincoln Children’s Museum! Three incredible floors take kids wherever their imagination takes them! 

For a little bit of history, the Museum of Nebraska History takes kids back over 10,000 years (who knew so much could happen in one state!) as they learn stories of the past, and the Lux Center for the Arts is great for those creative minds!

Lincoln is a city where kids can explore, create, imagine, and play! Enjoy your day!


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