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Theme Parks in Charleston, SC

Y’all ready for that southern hospitality? Then grab a cup of that sweet tea - it’s Charleston time! (And no, we don’t mean the dance!)

This South Carolina favorite is a beautiful city, filled with history, culture and magic. One of the best ways to see this incredible city filled with fun things to do with kids, is take a tour of it!

Companies like Old South Carriage Company and Classic Carriage Tours take you on fun (and sometimes horse-drawn carriage) tours where you can really learn the history of the city.

Looking out at at big expanse of Atlantic Ocean and wonder what’s below? Stay dry and take the kids to South Carolina Aquarium, where there are sharks, fish, turtles, otters…just to name a few!

Charleston is rich with history, and kids can immerse themselves in attractions such as the Civil War’s Fort Sumter National Monument, and a DUNGEON! The Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon looks the same from back in the time of George Washington (and yep - a real dungeon!)

A true gem in South Carolina, and even the entire United States! Family fun is waiting and y'all won't look back!

Charleston Attractions Map

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