Childrens Entertainment Near Me in Adelaide, SA

If you are looking for a city with wide open spaces, trails, gardens, and fun outdoor places for kids to explore and play in - Adelaide is your city!

Not only that, but there are amazing museums, animal fun and some exciting surprises ready to be explored.

The Adelaide Botanic Garden is a great place so close to the city centre for kids to experience an incredible Victorian garden.  If they love the historical aspect, Adelaide has great historic attractions, such as the Migration Museum.

Want more museums? Take your pick! From the Art Gallery of South Australia, to the South Australian Museum (with a giant squid) - this super fun city will keep kids learning (without realising!)

And the surprises? How about a tasty chocolate factory tour with Haighs, or get out and be a pilot with Flight Experience. They can even experience a very cool boat ride with Adelaide Gondolas!

This South Australia capital is an incredibly fun city to explore with kids, and you will never be short of fun things to do!

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Planning your Trip to Adelaide

Adelaide is often referred to as the City of churches and is famous for its history, European charm and grandeur! Adelaide’s offers so much family fun-filled activities and a relaxed approach to life.

Adelaide is a wonderful place to take the little ones on vacation. With its impressive parklands, year-round festivals and outdoor attractions, there are loads of fun-filled family activities to do in Adelaide.

Listed below are some fun things to do in Adelaide with the kids.


Adelaide hosts some of Australia’s biggest and best festivals. Often the entry is free and there is so much fun for the little ones. Full of magic and great vibes, the kids will love dancing around to the music and getting immersed in the relaxed Adelaide vibe.

Adelaide Zoo

One of the must-see attractions in Adelaide is the zoo. This is not your average zoo, here you will find amazing animals such as the common wombat, Hippopotamus, Sumatra tiger and many more. The zoo offers three levels of experiences to suit all family budgets;

  • Walk through the zoo's 8-hectare space and see over 2500 animals, this is a free entry fee
  • Book a free guided walkabout tour with a tour guide and learn all about the native animals
  • Select an animal experience when booking and get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most exotic animals

Migration Museum

If you’re a family that enjoys local history then the Migration museum is a great choice to spend the day. The Migration museum is an interesting place to learn about those that settled in South Australia since 1836 as well as the impact this has on South Australian people. Throughout the museum, you can find plenty of amazing photographs, costumes, video material and staff willing to teach you everything about South Australian history.

There are also plenty of hands-on activities for the little ones to get involved with. Detective trails and lots of exciting exhibition galleries to see.

Take a cruise along River Torrens

Bordering Adelaide and flowing towards the Indian Ocean is the River Torren, one of Adelaide’s most beautiful attractions. A great way to see the views is to take a cruise where you can view some of Adelaide’s most beautiful points from the comfort of your boat.

Chocolate Tour at Haigh’s

This family-run chocolate factory is a must-see when visiting Adelaide on vacation. The Haigh family have been running the business since 1915 and has been making the finest of chocolates from local cocoa beans. The tour is free but we can’t guarantee you won’t spend some money on their delicious chocolate!

Adelaide Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a great place to take the little ones and it’s free! There, they can watch and learn how bees make honey, see real-life insects and play lots of interactive games! Open all through the week and public holidays, this centre is an ideal place to take your energetic little ones to learn and play. Located in the discovery centre is the Museum café where mums and dads can relax with a coffee while their little ones have fun.

Adelaide Botanical Gardens

On the outskirts of Adelaide is the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. There are several different areas to explore in the gardens including the Garden of Health, Greek Wetland, Native Garden and the water Mediterranean gardens. Here the little ones can learn all about botanicals, nature and much more. Families that enjoy getting involved will love the hands-on experiences at the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

The best time to visit Adelaide is between October to March. The temperatures reach an average of 24 degrees and a minimum of 14 degrees. During this time, you can expect lovely warm weather, it's also the time when the famous Adelaide Fringe Festival takes place. Between September to October when Spring arrives and you can enjoy the beautiful blossoms and clear blue skies. You can expect to pay more for travelling to Adelaide during this time and hotels and attractions tend to be more expensive. 

Between June and August, temperatures can drop to as little as 8 degrees so it's best to avoid travelling during this period. 

Adelaide has so many wonderful neighbourhoods to visit. Everything from thrill-seeing adventures, art-loving families, families that enjoy walking in the great outdoors and those that like to spend their vacation relaxing and enjoying the laidback approach to holidaying, Adelaide has it all.

Listed below are our top picks of neighbourhoods to visit in Adelaide with the kids. 


Brighton is often referred to as the trendiest place to visit in Adelaide. Combing the seaside village and easy connection in and out of the city, this neighbourhood is a great place to visit. Families can enjoy the picture-perfect foreshore and enjoy your traditional fish ‘n’ chips. Wonder around the cobble streets and shop at the local artesian shops, take in the relaxed vibe and enjoy the beautiful walking pathways around this glorious neighbourhood.

Kent Town

Kent Town is located east of the city centre and is home to some wonderful parklands such as East Adelaide Parklands the beautiful Botanic Gardens. Families that enjoy the walking and green space will enjoy visiting Kent Town. As well as the beautiful parks, Kent Town offers many wonderful shops and delicious eateries dotted along Rundle and King William Street. 

West End

West End is considered one of the hippest places to visit in Adelaide. This once-forgotten neighbourhood has been upgraded with colour laneways brimming with art galleries, restaurants, shops and cool hangouts. Suitable for families with older kids, the West End is a must-see when on vacation in Adelaide. Pursue the local shops and enjoy the history and creative community including the infamous landmark – Jam Factory. The West End offers unbeatable convivence with everything you need on the doorstep. 


There is so much to adore and fall in love with when visiting Northwood. The central parade running right through the centre of Norwood is filled with locals and tourists relaxing in the outdoor eateries and buzzing galleries and bars. Wander down the glorious high street Magill and discover an array of galleries, antique showrooms and unbelievably stylish boutiques. Leafy Norwood offers plenty of outdoor activities and walking pathways to enjoy and view the picturesque scenery of Norwood.

No vacation is complete without trying the local cuisines. Those clued up and hungry for some gastronomy delights will not be disappointed with the food choices in Adelaide. The streets are buzzing with lots of different choices of restaurants, buzzing food markets and festivals.

Adelaide is also considered to be one of the wine capitals in the world which is great news for parents. 

To keep the little ones happy and their bellies full we have recommended some of the foods you must try in Adelaide. 

Cacio e Pepe @ Nido

Nido serves the most incredible pasta dishes. Mouth-wateringly good, the little ones will enjoy some of their most delicious pasta such as the Cacio e Pepe or more commonly known as the cheese and pepper pasta. This dish is a big hit for kids of all ages. Amazing food cooked simply. 

Pie Floater

This may not be the most attractive dish but it’s certainly delicious and very popular in South Australia. Officially recognised as an iconic dish; consisting of a meat pie in a pool of mushy peas, this dish is a winner when looking for something wholesome to feed the kids. 

Mochi Doughnuts & Redskin Ice-cream

This has to be one of the most popular dessert choices in Adelaide, This Aussie classic is a great choice on a warm summer’s day. You can find this tangy treat at many Adelaide festivals and a great restaurant called Shibui. 

Crispy Chicken Sandwich 

This must-have tea sandwich is legendary in Adelaide. Crustless white bread layered with chilled infused mayo and topped with crispy roast chicken skins and parley with a side dish of peri chicken drippings to dip the sandwich into, makes this the top dish to try.

Here are some options for families looking for a place to stay in Adelaide during their family days out:

  1. Family-Friendly Hotels: There are several hotels in Adelaide that cater to families, offering spacious rooms, kids’ play areas, and other facilities for families with children. Some popular options include the Adelaide Rockford Hotel, the InterContinental Adelaide, and the Adelaide Meridien Hotel & Apartments.

  2. Apartments: Renting an apartment can be a great option for families, as they offer more space and privacy compared to a hotel room. Some popular apartment options in Adelaide include the Adina Apartment Hotel, Quest on Franklin, and the Mantra on Frome.

  3. Family Resorts: If you're looking for a more luxurious family holiday, consider staying at one of Adelaide's family-friendly resorts. These resorts offer a range of activities and facilities for families, including swimming pools, playgrounds, and kid's clubs. Some popular options include the Novotel Barossa Valley Resort and the Seawall Apartments.

  4. Caravan Parks and Campgrounds: If you're traveling with a family and want to experience the great outdoors, consider staying at a caravan park or campground. There are several options in Adelaide and the surrounding areas that offer family-friendly facilities, such as camping grounds and cabins. Some popular options include the Enfield Caravan Park and the Adelaide Shores Caravan Park.

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