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Address: 12400 SW 152nd Street, Miami, FL 33177 Number: 305 251-0400 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you want a family friendly animal attraction to enjoy on your day out, Zoo Miami (formerly Miami MetroZoo) might have just what you need!

We all know that you go to a zoo for the animals, so let's tell you about the animals! Zoo Miami have a whole range of very cool, weird and wonderful creatures! They have the sweet little amphibians, the colorful birds, cheeky and cute mammals and those slithering and scaly reptiles.

Have you ever been up close to a smokey jungle frog, or seen the bright blues of a blue poison dart frog?

Have you always wanted to see the impressive oranges and pinks of the flamingo, or look into the eyes of the African white-backed vulture?

Zoo Miami has Burmese pythons ready to say hello, and beautiful emerald tree boas on the lookout for a new friend!

Then, of course, there are the mammals! Perhaps it's the primates that you have always wanted to see up close - from the Golden Lion Tamarin to the black howler monkey. The big cat family are always one to impress, with cheetahs, lions and of course tigers. From Asia to Australia - Zoo Miami certainly bring the animals of the world to you!

Having this interaction with the animals also gives kids a chance to really learn about the creatures, and their habitats, and of course about conservation and the environment.

Zoo Miami also have some very fun experiences and attractions which are always popular with kids, from the giraffe feeding station, to Humpy's camel rides! There are even water experiences and playground fun!

Zoo Miami is more than just animals - so why not head there and try it out for yourself!

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$22.95 (Over 13)



$18.95 (ages 3 to 12)



Military receive 50% off, Seniors 25% off


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2 years old


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Valet parking is available for $8 if you want it, on weekends and holidays

Any top tips?


When you arrive, see if there are any experiences you want to visit, and plan your day around the time it starts!

I'm Hungry!


There are cafes, a grill, and portable food carts all to choose from! Great for snacks or a sit down lunch

Healthy Eating They have vegetarian options in the park

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Teachers corner


It's a great place for kids to enjoy a field trip! Just give them a call to discuss what you are needing, and they will be happy to help! An invaluable education

Need a little extra help?


They have wonderful access for everyone! Wheelchair rentals are $8 all day

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When can we go?

10am - 5pm, with last ticket sold 4pm) (3pm close Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day open 12pm - 5pm)

Open every day of the year

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