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Worlds of Fun

Kansas City, MO

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Address: 8200 NE Parvin Rd, Kansas City, MO 64161, USA Number: 816 454-4545 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Can't decide between a water park or a theme park for your family summer day out? Why not head to BOTH!

Worlds of Fun is paired with Oceans of Fun, which is 60 acres of water adventures. But first - the rides!

Worlds of Fun has a host of thrilling rides, family rides, and of course those kiddie rides to suit family members of all ages. Did you know that one of the tallest, fastest and longest roller coasters in the WORLD is at Worlds of Fun? The Mamba is a high tech scream machine which takes you 200 feet above ground, and then gets you to race back towards the earth at 75 THAT is scary!

Fancy trying a tethered free fall at 189 feet where you are in a full body harness? Perhaps you would rather head straight for the sky at 45pmh on a 200 ft tower? 

From coasters, spinning rides, and even a 12 story corkscrew....those thrill seekers will be in luck! 

We did mention those family rides, so if those twists and turns aren't quite what you hoped for, then there is still a host of other rides to choose from! From ferris wheels, flying dutchmen, sea dragon ships, and train rides, those little ones will be right in their element.

Don't forget about Oceans of Fun too! This 60 acre water park has tubing rides, kids play areas, adult pool areas, super fun slides, falls, plunges, and so much more to keep the family cool on those hot Missouri days.

So for the one price, you can have twice the fun with Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun....thrills and spills galore! 

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Gate price $54.99



Gate price $34.99



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Parking is $15 for a single space

Any top tips?


There are fun special events at the parks, so check the schedule before you go to see if your timings match!

I'm Hungry!


From pizzas, BBQ, cafes, burgers, coffee, ice cream...both parks have a host of food outlets that you can choose something tasty from!

Healthy Eating The cafes sell sandwiches, and there is a Subway,

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


There are great kids and youth programs, where you get group discounts if you want to bring the school! Give them a call to arrange in advance.

Can I get one of those?


There is a gift shop where you can buy a number of merchandise items and souvenirs!

Need a little extra help?


There are a number of services available to assist those with special needs. They have a limited supply of wheelchairs, but speak to them about which rides are suitable. Restrooms and parking are also accessible

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Baby Facilities

There are diaper changing stations in all the restrooms, and there is a Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy.

When can we go?

Hours vary on the park and season

Ocean: May to September / Worlds: Close November

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