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Address: 509 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64155, USA Number: 816 268 4386 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Kids, are you ready to fill your day with SUPER fun activities that you can enjoy as a family? Great! Because PowerPlay is ALL about giving families an amazing time, because there is a host of fun things for you to enjoy.

Are you ready to hear them all? Let's start then!

How about trying out that STRIKE first up? The Route 66 bowling is where you can try and get that strike along one of the most famous roads in the USA - and you don't need to leave Missouri!

Why not try the laser tag next, where kids can work as a team, and try and outscore their opponents by shooting (very safe!) laser lights into the targets on their kit. It's a no bruise, no pain experience that really gets that heart beat going!

Let's not forget about the laser maze too, where the challenge is to try and get out again - we know you can do it!

Bumper cars are there for those who love a little bit of competition, and the Ferris Wheel is perfect for those family members who like that classic amusement fun - just as the carousel is for too!

And let's not forget about the new Soaring Eagle Zipline! You can fly like a bird at PowerPlay on this fun attraction, where it's where you DO want to look down to experience everything!

On those sunny days, the go-karts are perfect as you get behind the wheel and take to the track to really feel what it's like to be a champion racing driver. We know you can get across the finish line first!

So what are you waiting for, because the fun is all there and ready at PowerPLay!

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Why not have your birthday at PowerPlay! It's the perfect way to celebrate, so check out the packages!

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They have an incredible all you can eat buffet! From pizza, to pasta and even Mexican food, it's all there ready for your stomach!

Healthy Eating They have soup and salad at the buffet

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10am - 10pm Sun / 11am - 10pm Mon - Thurs / 11am - 12am Fri / 10am - 12am Sun

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