Vertical Ventures Indoor Rock Climbing

Saint Petersburg, FL

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Address: 116 18th Street South St. Petersburg, FL 33712 Number: (727) 304-6290 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Rock climbing is such as great and fun way to stay active and keep fit, and Vertical Ventures is perfect for anyone who has never even touched a rope before, to those who can scale the hardest of routes.

The routes are color coded and graded accordingly, so you will always know which ones you should be following, and they are frequently swapped over so there will always be new ones to challenge you.

Your self-esteem will also be given a boost as you see yourself get better every visit.  That difficult route you first couldn't even get half way up, you are breezing through now!

There is a free-standing boulder in the center of the gym, as well as boulders set around the edge which are often perfect for beginners as they can learn the feel of the holds, and keep close to the ground so they are not far from the cushy padding underneath.  

They offer introductory climb classes where you can learn the basics of climbing and belaying, and is recommended if you are first starting out to ensure you have the techniques right.

The classes then move up into introductions to lead climbing, movement and technique and rappelling classes, as well as one on one personal coaching if you want to really improve at a fast rate. 

If you are a bit of a social butterfly, they hold weekly events where you can meet other kids of the same age, and find fun climbing buddies!

Of course, if you want to celebrate your next big day filled with climbing fun and all your friends, they can hold your birthday party there!  There are three levels of packages to pick from so you can get the best possible one for you!

Climb away! 

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How much does it cost?



Day Pass: $20 without gear rental, $25 with



Under 12s Day Pass: $17 without gear rental, $14 with



Multi pass visit discounts


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Rental of shoes and chalk etc is extra to the admission costs. If you take the Introductory Class you get a 2 week free membership!

Any top tips?


Kids under 13 are not allowed to belay, so parents will need to sign minor waivers so it's worth arriving early when you book to get this sorted.

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Where is it at?


They are near the 589 and 584, as well as the 580 at 5402 Pioneer Park Blvd - Suite E in Tampa, Florida.

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Open 4pm - 10pm Mondays / 10am - 10pm Tuesdays to Thursdays, & Saturdays / 10am - 12am Fridays / 10am - 6pm Sundays

Open year round

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