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Remember boating when you were a kid?  We do!  Being on the water on a private boat is one of the great experiences that families can do together. The memories children take with them really do last a lifetime.  Whether your family is experienced at boating or they are feeling the exhilaration for the first time, we want to make this a day to remember. In fact, our mission is to make sure that your private boating experience will be the best thing you’ve ever done here in Florida! 

Perfect for a private day on the water with family and friends, you and the kids enjoy a boat day with a friendly, licensed and experienced captain who can act as your personal tour guide. You can enjoy the beautiful barrier islands and sandbars that make up the state park system north of Clearwater Beach without the hassle and risk of renting a boat. You don’t have to worry about breaking the boat, knowing where to go, or wondering what to do. We will take you and the kids out to see dolphins up close in the wild, go to the secluded islands and sandbars to hunt for shells, and deliver you to beautiful places to swim and look for sea creatures under the shallow water. And if that isn’t enough, you and your kids can enjoy the slide on our double decker pontoon boat, or do cannon balls off the front of our Hurricane Deck Boat.  Either way, we want you to really enjoy your private family time on a boat! We provide a cooler with ice and bottled water, and most of our guests bring their own snacks and drinks. Our boats are some of the most comfortable and enjoyable boats on the water, with lots of dry storage and room to move around. They have ample shade for sun protection and we provide a cooler for your food and drinks and a stereo with BT hookup for your own personal music playlist.Safety is our top priority. For your enjoyment we only go boating in safe weather conditions. Children under 6 years old must wear a USCG approved life jacket. Recommended items for you to bring include snacks and drinks, camera, towels, a long-sleeve swim shirt, hat, and polarized sunglasses.

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Pricing is similar to renting a car. It is dependent upon which boat is chosen, how many people are in the group, and how many hours the boat is chartered. See website for pricing.


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Pricing is based on the Options listed above, not per person.

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Please make sure to dress appropriately . The weather in Florida changes frequently and quickly. It is Always a bit cooler on the water than expected. It is best to wear multiple layers just in case.

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They provide a cooler with ice and bottled water and our guests typically bring snacks and drinks of their choice.

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Where is it at?


They offer custom pickup locations based on where families are staying or driving in from. For example if someone is staying at a hotel on Clearwater Beach, it would that hotel’s private dock or maybe a public dock on the island, but if they are driving in from Tampa or Orlando, it would be another location. We even pickup at private AirBnB’s. People love this and we don’t list a physical address because we don’t use a brick and mortar location.

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This experience is wonderful for school aged children because they are exposed to nature and lots of wildlife. The captain can offer lots of information that kids love.

Need a little extra help?


Because of their design, the boats are not wheelchair accessible.

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When can we go?


We offer custom boat days with 4, 6 and 8 hour options. Start times are generally 9am or 2pm.

We take reservations For every day of the year except Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day.

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