Thomas Falls Challenge Course

Diana, TX

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Address: 5543 US-259, Diana, TX 75640, USA Number: 903.968.6924 Website Contact How do we get there?

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If you have ever pictured yourself as Tarzan, then you might want to head to Thomas Falls Challenge Course because it's pretty close to what Tarzan would have experienced!

The Thomas Falls Challenge Course is located near Diana in Texas, and gives kids and parents alike the chance to really challenge yourselves with this treetop obstacle course!

Your adventure begins when you have to tackle the log climb up to the skywalk swinging bridge (yes, it swings!) before you embark on your very first zip line...first of many!

This zip line takes you through the old growth forest canopy, onto an even taller platform! This takes you ACROSS the lake, and then a very cool wagon ride! (You didn't expect that, did you!?)

This wagon will take you to the platform where you can overlook the cliff...90' above the lake! Eeek!

Don't worry - you will be too busy zipping past the covered bridge and island to ANOTHER tree top platform to worry about the height!

Thomas Falls Challenge Course is great for kids because it builds their confidence, their strength, and gives them something special when they finally complete the course...and it was all them.

Everyone is trained by staff before you start, so you know all the safety measures.

A fantastic way to get out into nature AND achieve something you didn't think possible! 

Let's get ACTIVE!


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How much does it cost?



$15 - $69 depending on the course



Same as adult


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You must have a signed waiver to take part.

Any top tips?


Wear closed tow shoes and comfortable and fitted clothing.

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They have snacks and drinks available!

Healthy Eating They offer bottled water so make sure you stay hydrated!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They are an events venue and love having students - so call to arrange!

Can I get one of those?


They offer gift certificates if you want to treat a family friend!

Need a little extra help?


You do need to be physically active to be able to complete the course

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When can we go?

Reservations by phone only Tuesday to Sunday

All year round

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