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    not good, overly expensive, stayed in unit 1 was very displeased, tub was full of sand on arrival. drain stop did not work, barely enough room to turn around in this place, had to go to car to even smoke a cigarette, was stated that could not even smoke outside on banaster, which where my unit was did not have one, hardly nowhere to even hang clothes, contacted rental agency about issues, they supposedly contacted the owner, which refused to do anything about problems. also was supposed to have free wifi, which did not even know password until about 4 days into the stay. when trying to take a shower, either get scalded or freeze to death, extremely cold water comes out or very hot comes out. no swimming pool, no on sight mngmt, if problems arose on a Sunday, could in no way get ahold of anyone. then wanted to charge me an extra 27.00 for ariving to early, which most places are check in at 2pm, here it is at 4pm. also was told on confirmation that this was a condo, which it is not, it is a motel, but yet the girl argued me it was a condo, I know the difference, been staying in condos for years, this is not a condo in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. was charged almost 700.00 for 12 days for a very small room that I could not even unpack most of my belongings because of no room. In a word this place is a joke, over rated, way over priced, and not a good place to stay, On top of all that, everyone I spoke with around the area were all giving this place a thumbs down, told me it was a dump and that during certain times of year was nothing more than a party zone and very noisy. Needless to say, I will never ever stay at this dump again, I rather pitch a tent out on the beach. also they expect you put a parking pass on your car dash, but when I ask for one they said unless I could print my own, that I had to make my own stating the dates that I was here, most places I ever stayed they provide you with one upon arrival. Very bad experience with the place, and the owners were more worried about collecting the extra 27.00 and my card not working than they were making the situation right, and pleasing the customer, very bad business, will be lucky if I don’t call better business bureau.