The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Birmingham, AL

Where are we going?

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
1701 4th Ave N Birmingham
AL 35203


What is there to do?

Jazz music is one of the greatest musical genres in history, so why not celebrate those iconic people who bring it to life!

The Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is located in the historic Carver Theatre that originally opened in 1935 ad a movie house. In fact, the theatre was one of only a few theatres running films for African Americans during segregation!

Today, the venue is home to this musical museum, with nearly 3,000 sq ft of permanent exhibits that celebrate some of the most notable jazz musicians in the country. Kids, have you heard of Nat King Cole (who was from Montgomery), or Dinah Washington - she was from Tuscaloosa!

You can learn all about the first piano blues solo EVER recorded, which was by Birmingham-born Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, or see how Erskine Hawkins set the standard with his signature tune.

You are taken on a journey through jazz history, from it's humble beginnings, it's folk traditions and the sacred rituals that gave birth to this incredible genre. Of course, you can learn about the visionaries who kept it alive!

Historic artifacts and memorabilia bring to life this history, as you stand in front of personal instruments, and even Ella Fitzgerald's dress.

Whether children who visit are born in Alabama, or hail from the far reaches of the nation, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is an inspiring and fascinating look into the people behind the musical notes, and can show kids that no matter where they come from, they can achieve great things!

So bring some music into your next family day out, and celebrate the amazing jazz talent that has come out of the amazing state of Alabama!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $2 ($5 for guided tour)

Children: Same as adult


Need a little extra help?

Give them a call to ask about the accessibility of the exhibits


When can we go?

10am - 5pm Monday to Saturday

Closed Sundays


Any top tips?

They have their own radio station so check it out on their website!

I’m Hungry!

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