Sprouts Club Playcare and Playhouse

Kalispell, MT

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Address: 2165 U.S. Hwy 2 E, Kalispell, MT 59901, USA Number: 406 752-7529 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There are a number of problems that parents face, and two main ones are: "where is a safe, fun and clean place I can take my very active kids to have an amazing time?", and "if only there was a fun drop off place if I needed just to pop out for a bit"

Two Words: Sprouts Club!

Sprouts Club Drop-In Playcare and Playhouse was set up by a mother who needed a service but couldn't find anyone that provided it. This also means you KNOW you are in great hands because they know what you are looking for!

First of all, the play house. There is over 5000 sq foot of gross motor skill fun and excitement, with a two story and three slide indoor playground, complete with obstacles and games. Kids can play, create, learn, and make new friends in this colorful and clean environment!

They also have an assortment of soft play obstacles, fun tumbling mats, as well as slides, which will keep those active kids entertained until their heart's content!

Think the kids are just left to play on their own? Not at Sprouts Club! (Remember we said it was created by a mother - of course there is more!)

Activities like parachutes, arts & crafts, fun and exciting treasure hunts and drawing games are offered to really get the kids excited! The staff at Sprouts Club are fully trained make sure that every child's experience is filled with education, fun, playing, creativity, and imagination.

Now for the great part! Parents, you can either enjoy their relaxing 1000 sq foot parents room, with wifi, free coffee, water, lounge seating, work tables, as well as a large viewing window. can drop the kids off and get those pesky errands done that you need to do! Sprouts Club offer a service for those who have odd working hours, need something flexible, or perhaps can't afford full time child care. 

With 24 hour recorded security, password protected pickup and their fully trained staff, you know you will be leaving your kids in incredibly safe hands! 

Whether your kids want to expel some energy for an hour, or spend the day playing and making friends, or parents you want a night out to yourselves, Sprouts Club Drop-In Playcare and Playhouse might just be what you're looking for!

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$3.50/hr day. $4.50/hr night.



Two or more children is $2.75/hr day and $3.75/hr night.


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Any top tips?


At Sprouts Club they ask that all kids have socks and the necessary items to have an amazing time!

I'm Hungry!


They have free fresh popped popcorn (YUM!) as well as water, coffee, and a range of yummy snacks.

Healthy Eating
They partner with Subway of Evergreen so offer Kids Fit Meals for those wanting something a bit more healthy (and just as tasty!)

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Where is it at?


Sprouts Club are located in Evergreen on Hwy 2, just 2 miles north of Idaho/Hwy 35, and 5 miles south on Hwy 2 from Glacier Airport.

Teachers corner


A great place for kids to learn arts, crafts, team building, social play and gross motor skills!

Need a little extra help?


They are a wheelchair accessible facility! (Of course they are!) including the restrooms.

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Baby Facilities

They offer refrigeration and a microwave, but they don't prepare meals at the facility. All the snacks and juices are pre-packaged.

They also have bathrooms perfect for toddlers with steps.

When can we go?


Mon - Thurs 7am - 11pm / Friday 7am - midnight / Sat 8am - midnight

Closed Sundays for private parties, and all major holidays

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