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About Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center

Did you know that Rocky Mount Children's Museum was actually one of the nation's FIRST children's museums in the entire nation? Started back in 1954, the museum thrived until a hurricane moved it to it's current site at the Imperial Centre for Arts and Sciences, where kids are still thriving!

The Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center is filled with exhibits and display that offer creative opportunities for kids to learn about the world by challenging their minds, and encouraging critical thinking, all in an interactive learning environment.

Yes kids, this is a museum where you won't find any "No Touching" signs - it's all hands-on fun, experiments, discovery and more!

Kids can experience the first natural elements that make life on Earth possible, all in the form of light and heat, and even explore the range of habitats that make up our world, from the mountains, to the plains, the wetlands and the rainforests.

When you have habitats, you have wildlife, so Mount Rocky also offer kids a chance to encounter a variety of animal life, including reptiles, mammals, birds, fish and amphibians!

Just don't be alarmed by the full size black bear mother, plus her cub AND a mountain lion (among others!) to greet you when you arrive!

Willy's CrabHouse overlooks the living marsh exhibit, which is a museum favorite that features a nearly 3,000 gallon salt water aquarium. Here, you can see beautiful ocean creatures from spider crabs, to fish, hermit crabs and sea urchins.

It's an out of this world experience as you make your way around the curved wall of the Planetarium and the astronomy exhibits. Here kids can learn about the Lunar cycle, match star pattern, and explore the solar system!

Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center also have changing exhibits that feature a theme, so there can always be something new when you visit next!

A world of discover and fun awaits kids!

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Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center?

Grab something to eat in the area before or after your visit!

Any top tips when visiting?

They have some great birthday party packages for various age groups, so why not celebrate in style with fun AND learning!

Teachers corner

They can host field trips for as young as Pre-K, so just give them a call to arrange!

Is Rocky Mount Children's Museum and Science Center fully accessible?

Speak to staff before hand if you have questions about the accessibility

Any additonal information?

Check out what's on at the Planetarium before you go so you can plan your day around it!