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The Best Things to Do in Miami with Kids 

Visit 12th Street Beach
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Exploring Miami with kids unveils a vibrant blend of culture, recreation, and adventure. From sun-kissed beaches to family-friendly attractions, the city has numerous activities and attractions to entertain young minds and create lasting memories.

In addition, Miami boasts a tropical climate, diverse cuisine, and dynamic atmosphere, captivating both the young and the young at heart. Below, check out the best things to do in Miami with kids.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation miami

Zoological Wildlife Foundation

Visiting the Zoological Wildlife Foundation is one of the best things to do in Miami with the kids. At over five acres, it is home to a wide variety of exotic animals, including big cats, primates, birds, and reptiles. The park is the best place for kids to observe and learn about wildlife conservation and habitat preservation.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is committed to animal welfare and interactive experiences. Families can bond over guided tours led by knowledgeable staff, where they can feed, interact, and even take photos with select animals under expert supervision. These up-close encounters foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of wildlife while promoting conservation awareness among visitors, especially children.

As one of the most family-friendly attractions in Miami, the Zoological Wildlife Foundation prioritizes education, offering informative sessions and presentations on animal behaviour, biology, and conservation efforts worldwide. Families can engage in hands-on learning activities and gain insights into the importance of protecting endangered species and their habitats.

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is a must-visit destination for families seeking meaningful experiences and connections with nature. It is the perfect place to enjoy a memorable and educational outing with the kids, where they can learn more about wildlife and conservation advocacy.

Miami Theatre Centre

Miami Theatre Centre

Considered a cultural hub in South Florida, the Miami Theatre Centre is a fun place to visit with kids. Located at the heart of Miami, it offers enriching experiences for everyone, from theatrical productions, including plays and musicals, to interactive performances tailored to audiences of all ages.

If you're seeking high-quality entertainment that can spark creativity and imagination from your kids, the Miami Theatre Centre is the best place to visit. By offering innovative storytelling, dynamic performances, and engaging workshops, it creates an immersive and educational environment for your kids to learn about the world of theatre and performing arts.

Enjoy a wide range of programming, from classic children's tales to original productions that inspire and entertain. The Miami Theatre Centre also offers educational programs and youth theatre classes, allowing kids to learn acting techniques, stagecraft, and teamwork skills.

Moreover, the Miami Theatre Centre's state-of-the-art facilities and welcoming atmosphere make it an ideal destination for family outings and cultural experiences. It fosters a love for the arts and nurtures young talent, playing a vital role in shaping the cultural landscape of Miami.

Baseball at Loan Depot Park

See Baseball at Loan Depot Park

Watching baseball at LoanDepot Park offers an exciting and family-friendly experience to delight your kids. Home to the Miami Marlins, this state-of-the-art stadium provides a vibrant atmosphere where you can bond over America's favourite pastime, baseball.

LoanDepot Park boasts an immersive and entertaining environment. As you enter the stadium, you can experience the pulsating energy of a professional baseball game. The excitement builds up as you watch your favourite players take the field and cheer on the Marlins alongside passionate fans.

Furthermore, LoanDepot Park offers a variety of amenities and activities designed with kids in mind. From dedicated children's zones and interactive exhibits to merchandise shops and delicious concessions, there's something for everyone to enjoy. LoanDepot Park offers opportunities for families to create lasting memories while soaking in the electric atmosphere of a live baseball game.

In addition, LoanDepot Park’s convenient location in downtown Miami makes it easily accessible for families looking to enjoy a day of fun and excitement with their little ones. Whether it's their first baseball game or a cherished tradition, visiting LoanDepot Park promises an unforgettable family bonding.

The Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix

Witnessing the Miami Grand Prix is a thrilling activity best shared with the family. It's a fun and exhilarating event, bringing in high-speed action, adrenaline-pumping moments, and world-class drivers to the streets of Miami.

The dynamic and immersive atmosphere of the Miami Grand Prix makes it an exciting event to watch with the kids. From the roar of the engines to the colourful array of racing cars zooming past, you and your kids will have a fantastic time cheering for Formula 1. Furthermore, the spectacle of cars navigating tight turns, accelerating down straightaways, and vying for position makes it more exciting.

To further enhance the experience, take advantage of the range of family-friendly activities and amenities. After the race, check out the interactive exhibits, merchandise stands, fan zones, and food vendors. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere, mingle with fellow fans, and create lasting memories amidst the electrifying backdrop of the Miami International Autodrome circuit. 

It's a good idea to secure your F1 tickets in advance to make sure you don't end up disappointed when you get to the races. Planning ahead not only ensures you have guaranteed access but also allows you to choose the best seats for an unforgettable experience.

Visit 12th Street Beach
Visit 12th Street Beach

Nestled along Miami Beach's scenic coastline, the 12th Street Beach is one of the best places for families seeking sun, sand, and relaxation. Its pristine shores, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere make it an ideal place to spend fun days at the beach, from swimming and playing in the sand to trying water sports with your loved ones.

The 12th Street Beach is one of Miami's most family-friendly beaches, thanks to its welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. It has a vast expanse of soft, sandy shores, providing ample space for little kids to play, build sandcastles, and frolic in the gentle waves under your watchful eye. 

Moreover, the 12th Street Beach offers plenty of amenities to enhance the family beach experience. From convenient restroom facilities and showers to umbrella and chair rentals, you can enjoy comfort and convenience throughout your stay. The best part is lifeguards are patrolling the area, ensuring a safe environment for children to swim and splash in the waves.

Beyond swimming and sunbathing, the 12th Street Beach offers numerous water sports and recreational activities. You can try paddleboarding and kayaking, volleyball, and more. In addition, it is close to South Beach's bustling Ocean Drive, providing endless opportunities to shop, dine, sightsee, and relax.

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