Getting Crafty With The Kids!

Getting Crafty With The Kids!

May 24,2016read

Getting messy is a right of childhood but the least we can do is aim them toward ‘pretty!’

A trip to a family ceramics studio can offer a terrific creative bonding experience with no artistic confidence required on their – or your – part, something to show for your efforts at the end, and so much more often on offer than the ubiquitous painting of pots! Hand and Foot Printing and Casting are a beautiful keepsake from an infant’s first trip. The paints and plasters used across the board are non-toxic formulas (the same plaster is actually used in children’s dentistry) and are safe and comfortable for babies’ skin, despite the often vivid colors.

Mosaic Art comprises constructing an image freehand from a collection of tiny pieces, usually traditionally polished pebbles and smoothed glass or ceramic fragments but can branch out into shells, beads and specialist sands. It takes a bit more artistic talent to make a tangible image with this technique but while it is done freehand that can be within a framing stencil for added confidence. Decoupage is the art of forming images through a multi layering of effected papers, ranging from kid friendly sugar papers and quilling to more intricate fare for more dexterous types involving gold leaf inlays and sanded varnishing. Fabric Crafts, Woodwork and Jewelry Making are also often offered for higher age groups. While walk in custom is almost always welcome at such places some of the more complicated techniques are worth getting formally introduced to, if you have the time: studios frequently offer classes and courses especially over the summer holidays so why not indulge their enthusiasm while they’ve got some free time?

Still, one of the most popular activities in craft studios remains the classic ‘pick a pot and paint it’ side. Family pottery studios offer a wide range of plain ceramic items reaching from practical plates and show pots to cute character money boxes and appealing figurines. It varies between venues whether you can fire, glaze and take away on the day or whether one must collect afterwards, but either way it’s a great way to make a day out into an adorable gift or physical memory. So, raid that cupboard full of boxes, paints, glue, glitter, clay, pens, strings and ribbons and get busy creating your masterpieces together!

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