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Florida, NY

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Address: 25 Florida, NY 10921, USA Number: 305 299-1366 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Alligators…birds…boats…and FUN! It can only mean one thing: Ride-The-Wind Airboat Charters

This iconic experience in the Everglades of Fort Lauderdale is an experience every family should have at one point in their lives. It’s an incredible feeling! You get to see an amazing and unique part of the country, and get up close to some amazing wildlife.

Ride-The-Wind Airboat Tours will take you out on a private tour of this magical area on their very sleek (and very safe!) airboats – AND want to hear something exciting? You can drive the boat! Yep…you heard correct. Of course, there will be a trained member of staff as the co-pilot, but kids love getting up front and being in control of such a fun piece of equipment.

These tours take you out on a 2 hour adventure into the amazing and natural habitats of Florida, and let you witness areas and wildlife a lot of people never get to see.

You can cover a whopping 36 miles on their tour! Kids will swoosh past stunning and lush botanical experiences, AND they can get snappy with some amazing alligators! Kids will love seeing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

It’s the Everglades, so there is so much more wildlife to be seen! Rabbits, pigs, deer, turtles, and even panthers might be spotted during these amazing trips!

So what are you waiting for!? Get ready for that rush of adrenaline, rev those engines and explore this amazing area with the entire family! 

Get those hearts racing!

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How much does it cost?



Most popular ride is $375 for 2 people. $75 per additional adult.



$35 per additional child. (up to aged 12)


Free Under

6 years old.


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Additional Information

Make sure you don't pollute or harass the wildlife. It's important to keep the area just as it is for the future!

Any top tips?


Don't forget your camera, sunblock, and sunglasses!

I'm Hungry!


Make sure you bring food, snacks, juice and water to ensure kids won't go hungry. The tours aren't short, and they might get peckish, and will need to stay hydrated.

Healthy Eating Make sure you bring some healthy snacks too so their energy last longer!

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Where is it at?


The Fort Lauderdale launch is off Hwy 27, just north of the intersection between 27 and 75, in the Everglades Wildlife Management Area. They are at mile market 38.5.

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When can we go?

Start time 9am, 11:30am, 2pm and 4pm.

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