Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing

Wallingford, CT

Where is it at?

Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing
340 Quinnipiac Street


Where are we going today?

It's all about indoor rock climbing at this fun Connecticut climbing center for the whole family, and that's where Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing comes in!

Indoor climbing is great because it not only gets the kids active, but it's so great for building their strength too! Plus, it's fun, and you can make new friends - what's not to love!

The first thing you will notice about Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing (apart from the cool rhyming name) is that there are actually two climbing sections - the Prime Climb, as well as Mountain Fun.

Mountain Fun happens to be the place that focuses not only on kids birthdays, but beginner climbers, and kids climbing too! Mountain Fun uses auto belays, which means you don't need a second person to hold your ropes, and you are automatically returned to the ground when you fall! It's the perfect way for a beginner or child to learn the ropes and feel safe (excuse the pun!)

Mountain Fun also charges by the hour, where Prime Climb charges for however long you want to climb. Prime Climb is perfect for beginners who are wanting to pursue climbing regularly, as well as intermediate and advanced climbers.  It also features bouldering which is where you climbing without ropes too!

Prime Climb Indoor Rock Climbing has a whole bunch of friendly staff too, that are always there to help and answer questions.

So kids - are you ready to scale new heights, have a ton of fun and spend the day climbing? We certainly are, so let's go!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $15

Children: Prime Club: $10 / Mountain Fun: $10 Mon & $20 Tues - Sun for 1 hr climb


Need a little extra help?

Just speak to staff and they will be happy to assist with any questions about disabilities or accessibility!


When can we go?

4pm - 10pm Mon / 2pm - 10pm Tues - Fri / 12pm - 8pm Sat / 12pm - 6pm Sun. (Mtn Fun hrs vary)

Year round


Any top tips?

If you want to book a birthday party, they recommend booking 4-6 weeks in advance. It's worth it!

I’m Hungry!

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