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Philadelphia, PA

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Address: 210 N 21st St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA How do we get there? Number: 215 581 3181
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About this activity

The Please Touch Museum is a great way for the whole family to get out and have a fun and interactive time, all the while learning and developing skills!

Do you ever get bored of those museums surrounded by "Please Don't Touch" signs? Well, it's nice to find something refreshing...and it happens to be in Pennsylvania!

Located in the Memorial Hall, the museum is perfect for those under 7s, as they make their way round the various exhibits, each with something different to teach them.

If you have some smaller curious minds, there are even specific toddler areas around the museum too!

With two whole floors of exhibits, all interactive, it's a great place for children to just get lost in their own imagination! For those little architects and future city planners, City Capers is what will draw you in! This exhibit gives children a realistic environment of the Philadelphia skyline, as well as a children's hospital, and even a construction zone. 

Calling all explorers - River Adventures are waiting for you! Did you ever think you would take a journey down a river in a museum? You can at Please Touch Museum! Here kids can explore nature, weather, and science. They can even race sailboats and play with rainbows! Sounds pretty incredible! 

If children LOVE getting lost in a book, then Wonderland might be their place, where they can immerse themselves in the wonder of imagination and leave the real world behind! Curiouser and curiouser indeed!

Please Touch Museum has been completely designed with children in mind, so you know their imaginations will run wild as they experience all there is to see!

Amazing fun indeed! 

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Use “4231 N. Concourse Drive” for directions on GPS. On-site parking is available in Please Touch Museum’s parking lot directly next to the Museum. Parking is $8.00 per car and free for museum members.

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Please Touch Museum FAQ’s

The museum are all about play and education, so each one of the exhibits has been designed to develop them in some way!

Please Taste Cafe is the perfect place for family snacking and dining! You can't create on an empty stomach now can you!

The museum is a fun option for your birthday party! Spend the day with friends, creating and playing!

There is a fun toy shop with pocket money prices upwards, so make sure you stop on your way out!

The museum offer a range of educational and entertaining experiences whether you’re bringing your school class, child care center, or summer camp!

They have salads and cold sandwiches available. They also have gluten, dairy and egg free options.

Please Touch Museum’s Play without Boundaries program provides families of children with disabilities with innovative tools to make a museum visit more comfortable and enjoyable.

Wheelchairs are available in adult sizes, free of charge, AND the entire museum is accessible, including the Carousel!

Check out the events calendar so you can put them in your diary and not miss out on something fun!

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