Oregon Childrens Theatre

Portland, OR

Where are we going?

Oregon Childrens Theatre
1939 NE Sandy Blvd
OR 97232


What is there to do?

Oh no you didn't!  Oh yes you did!  Live theater is an experience that you can't describe!  Some kids count down the days until they get to finally see the curtains draw back, and some kids love the moment they first walk into the rotunda and see all the excited faces just like theirs.

When you go up the stairs and see just how pretty the theater is, you will get your very own program (don't forget to keep it for autographs later!) before you take your seat.  The lights will dim, and the play begins.

Watching the characters you will become lost in the story, and engrossed in what is happening on the stage - just like you do in the movies! 

Then, the lights will come on, and the audience will applause, and you will be caught up in the excitement!  Don't forget to head to the Rotunda to get those autographs!

Then you'll go home and think about all your favorite moments and look forward the next time you get to experience something like that with other kids who are having just a great time!

For those kids who watch the play and get the acting bug, the theater have an acting academy where they can take various classes to one day maybe get them on the stage!

They also have field trip opportunities, as well as a great program for middle school students to submit plays with important anti-bullying themes. 


How much does it cost?

Adults: $18 - $30 depending on seats

Children: $15 - $26 depending on seats

Discount: Group discounts for 8 or more.

Free Under: 1 year-old

Family Deals: Season ticket packages available


Need a little extra help?

It is recommended that performances are watched by kids 4 and up, but kids under 1 are free.


When can we go?

Office open 9am - 4pm


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