The Grand Canyon Deer Farm

Williams, AZ

Where are we going?

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm
6769 Deer Farm Rd
AZ 86046

928 635 4073

What is there to do?

Oh deer - what have we here!  A Deer Farm!

Seeing a deer in the wild is a "quick get the camera!" moment.  Seeing a deer in the Deer Farm is a "quick, I want to go and hug it, and let it eat out of my hand!" moment!

It's a great place to bring kids to teach them about animals, and how we all interact with them.

We see them as these timid, wild creatures, where here they are so gentle natured and calm, and used to humans so are happy to be patted, stroked and fed - fight out of your hand!

You can sit among them, watch them from afar, give them a great big hug...up to you!  

It's not just deer there either!  They have other sweet and beautiful animals ready to play with you, including Reindeer, birds, wallabies, marmosets, mini cattle, and even a camel and bison!

Pretty incredible!

If you just LOVE spending time with the animals, perhaps you might want to try and be a junior zoo keeper for the day?  You can experience a unique behind the scenes look at feeding and taking care of the animals, taught by the wonderful animal loving staff.  All the animals will have been hand raised, so all those mini Junior Zoo Keepers will be in safe hands.  The experience is 4 hours long and unless you are siblings, they book one child at a time. 

Don't forget to wear some old clothes though - they can't guarantee the animals might not try and have a nibble on your shirt! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $11.50

Children: $6.75 (Ages 3 - 13)

Discount: Seniors $10 (over 62)

Free Under: 2 years.


When can we go?

Jan 1 - Mar 15: 10am - 5pm / Mar 16 - Oct 15: 9am - 6pm / Oct 16 - Dec 31: 10am - 5pm

All year round, but winter hours are weather permitting


Any top tips?

Feed for the animals is available for purchase at the Deer Farm at time of entry.

Some of the animals are very curious and have a habit of chewing on people's clothes, shoe laces, and even hats, so don't wear your favourites.

I’m Hungry!

There is certainly feed for the animals for you to buy there! You mustn't bring in outside food though, especially to feed the animals because they eat different things to you and us! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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