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Historical Attractions in Arizona

Are you ready to be amazed by the incredible scenery that the USA has? Arizona is incredibly diverse, with breathtaking scenery. Kids will love exploring the amazing rock formations in the desert, and learning about all the rich cultures that fill the state. There are plenty of places to go with the kids, from the outdoors to the cities. There is wildlife to be experienced, beautiful State Parks to explore, and fun attractions that will entertain the kids all day long.

History is an amazing thing for kids to learn, and what better way to learn than to actually visit the places that events happened! The USA has a rich and fascinating history, and Arizona itself is no different. There is something new to learn around every corner, and right across the state kids can visit a host of historic attractions.

Want to actually re-live the past? There a number of places such as Tumbleweed Ranch and Trail Dust Town where you can actually step inside historic homes, see Old West shoot outs, and really feel like you are 200 years in the past! 

Arizona has a strong cultural history, and places such as Montezuma Castle Monument and Navajo Village really capture the essence of traditions. Important stops for any visit to The Grand Canyon State. 

Don't miss the historic state parks such as Fort Verde and Jerome, where it's history and nature combined making the ideal day out for those inquisitive minds. 

Don't just read about history....LIVE IT!

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