MWV Children's Museum

Conway, NH

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Address: 2936 White Mountain Hwy, North Conway, NH 03860, USA Number: 603 356-2992 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Mt Washington Valley Children's Museum - or the MWV Children's Museum - is all about one thing: giving kids a safe, and fun place to learn through play. What's not to love!

This fun museum is a place where kids up to 7 years can enjoy age-focused play through exploration, creativity, and imagination. They understand that the first 7 years of their precious lives are so important, so each of the experiences at the MWV Children's Museum are specially designed to encourage their development.

Here, there are no "do not touch" signs!

Kids can imagine themselves out in the greater reaches of the universe, or they can learn how clogs work. They can dress up and make believe, being anyone they want to be, or they can climb into the castle and fight the fierce dragon!

There are taxis that they can drive, or kitchens they can cook in. There is even a friendly tiger to help them in the colorful reading corner!

Fancy playing with some blocks? Why not! There is plenty of time for that, as well as caring for those in the hospital, as well as the vets surgery. 

Keep an eye on special events too that occur throughout the year, such as science workshops filled with dance and play - and who said science can't be fun!

So why not take the kids to enjoy a day of fun, learning, play and using those brilliant minds of theirs, and head to the MWV Children's Museum. What will they be today!?

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12 months


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If you have an NH Medicaid or Main Care insurance card they will waive the admission fee and accept a donation.

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Check out membership if you want to visit often, as they can offer some great deals!

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Grab something to eat in the nearby area! Learning can be hungry work! There are plenty of places to choose from

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Schools are not charged if you have up to 4 chaperones. Just call ahead and schedule a time in. Make sure you arrive by 10am, and homeschoolers are encouraged to come as a group

Can I get one of those?


They have a Thrift Store where you can take home some great items including maternity ware and kids clothing.

Need a little extra help?


Speak to staff about the accessibility of the museum if you have any questions!

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Wednesday 10am-1pm. Thursday & Friday 10:30am 4:45pm. Saturday 10:30- 5pm. Sunday 9am-1pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday. Open across the year

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