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Museums in New Hampshire

The Granite State! New Hampshire might be one of the smaller states, but that doesn't mean it has any less amazing adventures for kids! New Hampshire has a ton of fun things to do with kids. It's a state of mountains, valleys, rivers, and an amazing history. The great outdoors is amazing for kids to explore, and there is even snow fun to be had! Caves, gorges, hiking and biking are all ready to be enjoyed by those active kids. So much kids fun in a little space!

If there is one thing New England does well, it's history, and so if you LOVE museums (which also make learning FUN!), then keep reading, because New Hampshire doesn't fall short on the many great museums you can visit as a family!

Did you ever think there would be a museum JUST on the fascinating history of skiing? Yep! It's aptly called the New England Ski Museum, and you might just be surprised what you learn about this great sport!

Kids can learn about the history of Scouts at the Scouting Museum, or they can discover stories behind America's revolutionary past at the American Independence Museum.

There are museums that can take you on a guided working farm tour, or you can uncover stories of those who sacrificed and achieved during WWII.

Kids can enjoy hands-on experiences in the Klickety Klack Railroad museum, great for those who LOVE trains, or the hands-on fun can continues in museums just as the Children's Museum of New Hampshire, or the SEE Science Center, where it's ALL about learning through experimentation!

We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of great museums in New Hampshire, so let the kids fun start now, and get exploring!

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The Granite State

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