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About MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts

Want to spend the day running around Los Angeles trying to save the city from outbreaks ravaging the city? That's exactly what kids can do when they take part in MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts!

MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts is a game that can be played within the city at any time! How? Because you just download the hunts on your phone, and then you have it to use whenever you please. How cool is that!

The idea of the game is that there are virtual bumbling scientists waiting with a map of the city for you. The map gets downloaded onto your smartphone, and then you have to hustle as a family, on foot, within a 3-block radius of the iconic US Bank Tower.

When you reach each outbreak site, your team (your family) will have to really dig deep into that memory bank, and answer fun and bizarre challenge questions. Topics range from the 1984 Summer Olympics, to celebrity wedding disasters!

Of course, you have Google there to help, but try and do it without - it's more fun!

When you get a question right, you save lives! Good for you! But...when you get a question wrong, that outbreak will get worse. Make sure you pay attention, because the story will keep unfolding, and the epidemic might just take a life of it's own!

MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts are a super fun and unique way to see the city, and for those active kids to get out and about. The hunts are PG rated, so more suitable for the older kids, but you know everyone who plays will have a great time!

So let's get out there and save Los Angeles!  1

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Adults $45 per team

Children Same as adult

Last Update 2022

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MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts FAQ’s

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts?

There are plenty of places in the area to grab food once you've finished!

Any top tips when visiting?

You need a smart phone to play, and the games last up to around 90 minutes

Teachers corner

It's great for working as a team, so why not get the students involved!

Does MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts have healthy eating or Vegan options?

Make sure you take bottled water with you

Is MetroDemic Scavenger Hunts fully accessible?

The game is a physical one, and requires 90 minutes of walking and standing. There are also steps and walkways

Any additonal information?

You can play with up to 4 people per team