Lynwood Park Zoo

Jacksonville, NC

Where are we going?

Lynwood Park Zoo
1071 Wells Rd
NC 28540

910 938-5848

What is there to do?

Fancy spending the day surrounded by sweet, weird and wonderful animals from all over the world? If you're in Jacksonville, then head to Lynwood Park Zoo, because they are all about the animals!

Lynwood Park Zoo is a very sweet 10 acres of animal exhibits, as well as a pond and picnic areas to enjoy. 

Since 1990 the zoo has been the place for families to go and check out the 80 animal exhibits that are on display. These exhibits really give kids a chance to experience animals from all over the world - without having the leave the state!

From mammals, and birds, to reptiles, Lynwood Park Zoo can let the family experience animals up close - and learn about them too! Want to hear some of the animals that you will encounter in the zoo? Let's go!

If you love those furry 4 legged creatures, then the mammals are where you should head! From the plains of Africa you can experience zebras and antelope. It's over to the more unusual animals like the Ocelot, Mara and the Capybara. Never heard of them? What better reason to head to the zoo then, so you can learn all about them!

If your children prefer the scaly critters, then they will love the reptiles. The American Alligator is waiting for you to say hello, and the pythons and snakes are slithering away waiting to make a new friend!

Never seen a skink of a monitor (and we don't mean the ones you use with your computer!)? Then Lynwood Park Zoo can be your first encounter!

Of course, there are also the beautiful birds that you can look at, from the sweet barn owl to the cheeky geese.

Animals? Check. Family fun? Check. Then let's go to Lynwood Park Zoo! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $10

Children: $8 (ages 2 to 12)

Free Under: 2 years


Need a little extra help?

If you have special needs, then give them a call before you arrive to see what assistance they can give you


When can we go?

10am - 5pm Friday to Monday

All year round. Closed Tues, Wed and Thurs


Any top tips?

The last ticket is sold at 4pm but why only spend an hour at the zoo when you can spend the whole day!

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