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Bear Layne Build A Stuffed Animal

Trenton, NC

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Address: 167 Shivar Ln, Trenton, NC 28585, USA Number: 2525603884 Website Contact How do we get there?

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It's SO much fun as a kid to play with those cute stuffed animals, but what if you could actually MAKE your own!

Bear Layne is where kids can actually make their own stuffed animal, that they can take home and have to play with as part of their toy family!

Individuals who want to experience this fun activity need to book an appointment, but once you head on down you can start to make that adorable bear. The biggest problem? What will you name him or her!

In addition to individuals, Bear Layne are always open for groups! So if you are celebrating that special birthday, they would love to have kid and their friends enjoy this fun and creative activity together.

They also have a Movie Room/TV Room for special Movie Events that we offer at our store from time to time. Pretty cool!

So why not add to the family and create a special bear - each one can be as unique as you like, and kids will love the creative side of the experience. 

It's also a great feeling to know they have actually MADE that toy, and they will feel a great sense of accomplishment. That's what we love to hear!

So kids - have you decided what to call that special bear yet? We can't wait to hear!

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How much does it cost?



$15.45 for the bear making kit



Same as adult


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Any top tips?


Make sure you call to book before you go - they are a family operated business and times can revolve around family commitments.

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When they do events we sometimes offer pizza, popcorn, cake, and drink! Otherwise just grab something in the area before or after your experience!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They do field trips. Kids build a stuffed animal, decorate a color me shirt, watch a movie, eat pizza, play games and activities, and meet a character. THey also travel to schools and daycares and they bring everything to you, to do a Build A Stuffed Animal Workshop!

Can I get one of those?


They sell Build A Stuffed Animal Kits that you can take home! They also have animals, outfits, sounds, shoes, t-shirts, color me t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, and matching animal & kid bracelets.

Need a little extra help?


Speak to staff about any accessibility questions you may have!

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Baby Facilities

They have a kitchen where you can warm baby food & bottles.

When can we go?

Usually Tues - Saturday 10am to 4pm. Call ahead to check

Year round for groups and field trips, appt only for individuals

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