Alligator Adventure

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Where are we going?

Alligator Adventure
4600 US-17
North Myrtle Beach
SC 29582


What is there to do?

Come on get SNAPPY at Alligator Adventure! Spend the day surrounded by amazing creatures - not only the reptile variety (although you will be sure to see HUNDREDS of them!)

Alligator Adventure is an amazing facility for those animal lovers. It's a place where you can come face to face with some of natures more beautiful and fiercest creatures - what a cool experience!

Did you know that Alligator Adventure was also one of the largest reptile centers in the WORLD! You know there is lots to see then!

We said that you will experience so many animals, and not just the reptiles, so let us tell you a little bit about them! From those African beauties like the serval, to the playful Marmosets. You can get up close to those bouncing kangaroos from Down Under, and look at all the stunning colors of the macaws. 

The slow and grand tortoise is waiting to say hello, and the excitable warthogs are ready for their picture to be taken!

Now of course, it wouldn't be called Alligator Adventure without those snappy alligators and crocs, would it! Kids can learn all about the various species of reptiles, as well as the personalities and habitats that these creatures live in.

There are literally HUNDREDS of gators that the children can experience, and some can get pretty huge! Even up to 13 ftt in length. Can you imagine how many people it would take to lift a 600lb alligator, because that's how heavy they can get! 

With alligator live feedings, snake handling and alligator handling, there is so much for the family to experience at this very SCALY day out in South Carolina! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: $21.99

Children: $16.99 (Ages 4 - 12)

Discount: Seniors $19.99

Free Under: 3 years


Need a little extra help?

Give the part a call if you have special needs to see what assistance they can give you


When can we go?

Call for times

All year round.


Any top tips?

Check the times of the live shows and programs before you start your day so you can plan around it!

I’m Hungry!

There is a snack area where you can pick up some food and drinks to fill those tummies!

Healthy Eating

Make sure you drink plenty of bottled water from the snack area to stay hydrated! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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