Linville Caverns

Nebo, NC

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Address: Pisgah National Forest, 1600 Pisgah Highway, Nebo, NC 28761, USA Number: 800-419-0540 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Nature has some AMAZING wonders and surprises, and at Linville Caverns, the whole family can experience one of them!

These amazing caverns are the ONLY show cavern in the entire state! They are located in the High Country region, and is a perfect destination for the anyone in the family - no matter what age!

There is an incredible beauty to be explored - both inside AND outside the mountain! Did you know that the Linville Caverns were actually known to man for centuries? It wasn't until the 1800s that men on a fishing expedition came across fish swimming out of a rock, which led them to a small opening in the mountains.

Well, the rest is history, and now you have a fun activity for the family!

Of course, these caverns were formed over millions and millions of years, so it's a great way for kids to learn all about geology and the marvels of how nature can transform and create the planet to how we know it today. 

As you walk around, take your time and look at all the amazing formations that the cavern holds. From stalactites to stalagmites, and some you might not have ever heard of before. Be careful - they are very delicate!

The cavern is always 52 degrees, so no matter what the weather you will know what to expect! So grab those comfortable shoes, and those sweaters, and make sure you are ready for adventure at Linville Caverns! 

It’s a family underground adventure with your name on it! 

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$6 (ages 5 - 12)



Seniors $7


Free Under

5 years with an adult admission


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Flash photography is allowed, but don't use external light sources like a spotlight if you are filming.

Any top tips?


There aren't any restrooms within the caverns, so make sure you go before the tour!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


It's a great experience for kids, and they have group rates for 25 or more paying customers, so why not reserve your spot today!

Can I get one of those?


There is of course a shop! You can get disposable cameras, as well as fun gifts as a reminder of your tour!

Need a little extra help?


The caverns are actually one of the few that are partially wheelchair accessible! There is one step at the beginning, then a ramp, and then the walkway is quite level.

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Baby Facilities

Strollers aren't permitted due to the confined spaces, but the staff can look after them until you are finished on the tour

When can we go?

9am open. Close between 4:30pm - 6pm depending on month.

Weekends only Dec - Feb. Daily rest of year.

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