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We KNOW kids have a LOT of energy, so why not take them to a place where they can use it all up in one day? Welcome to Lahey Family Fun Park!

Lahey Family Fun Park is a great place for the whole family to visit - no matter what age. They want to ensure everyone has a great time, so they have filled the park with activities suitable for everyone!

Ay - batter up! Those future baseball champions will love the nine state of the art batting cages, perfect for serious practice, or some fun hits.

From slow pitch softball, to those challenging 70 mph baseball pitches - it's great to challenge yourself!

For that family fun, mini golf is perfect because you can compete against yourself and try and beat your personal best, or you can have some friendly competition with the family!

Lahey Family Fun Park has 36 holes of super fun mini golf, across 2.5 acres overlooking a beautiful valley!

Each hole averages 40ft in length, and greens and fairways will take you around the wooded area. Watch out for the waterfalls too!

If you want to cool off a bit in summer, bumper boats might be for you! Kids love them, teenagers love them - and families can ride together! Don't forget to watch out for those boats behind you!

And let's not forget those future racing champions who want to get behind the wheel on the go=kart track. Kids under 12 can still enjoy the wind in their hair as passengers - watch out for those hairpin turns!

With an arcade, soft play and those super fun birthday parties, kids have never been so active!

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How much does it cost?



$12 - $20 packages. Individually priced from $2



$11 - $16 packages. Individually priced from $2


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Any top tips?


Why not have your birthday party at the park! There are a number of party packages, as well as add ons so you can make your birthday JUST how you want it!

I'm Hungry!


The arcade has a full snack bar, with an indoor seating area and food such as pizza, fries, hot dogs and lots of other tasty snacks!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They have three group packages to choose from if you wanted to bring the students along and get active in the Pennsylvanian outdoors!

Can I get one of those?


The arcade has redemption games, so you can win prizes and take some great toys home!

Need a little extra help?


If you have special needs, just speak to someone when you arrive and they can help you with your needs

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When can we go?


4pm - 10pm Friday / 11am - 10pm Sat / 11am - 8pm Sun

All year round

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