Indian Temple Mound Museum

Fort Walton Beach, FL

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Address: 139 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548, USA Number: (850) 833-9595 Website Contact How do we get there?

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When you think of Native American history, you of rolling plains of bison and families out gathering, and cooking, and embracing the spirits.  You think of Wyoming and Montana, and the Great American Plains.  But Florida?  Normally Florida is associated with sun, beaches, nightlife, and of course theme parks, but the Indian Temple Mound Museum will open your eyes to a whole other part of American history. 

The Indian Temple Mound Museum is a small yet significant historical insight into Native American history.  The site of Indian Temple Mound itself is considered sacred to Native American, but excavations show that it was in use for over 14,000 years!  It is one of the most famous archaeological sites in Florida!

There are interpretive exhibits which display over 12,000 years of Native American occupation, with over 1,000 fascinating artefacts of clay, shell, stone and bone.  There is also a beautiful collection of prehistoric ceramics - and if you like pottery you will love their wonderfully large collection!  Kids will be able to wander round and see actual objects that people used all those thousands of years ago - that were made right where they are standing! 

There are also interactive exhibits which kids can really learn about the past and how they lived, with exhibits on loom weaving, fire starting and even drilling.  It's a great hands-on experience to really allow them to feel how they might have lived, compared to how we live now. 

Allow about an hour to see the whole museum. 

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Ages 4 - 17: $3



Seniors and military with ID


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3 years


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There are 4 museums in the Fort Walton Beach area which Indian Temple Mound Museum is one. Your admission for this museum covers you for the others!

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Teachers corner


The Fort Walton Beach Heritage Park staff can arrange on-site education programs for schools, as well as interactive programs which are geared towards specific age groups.

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Of course there is a gift shop! Enjoy having a look at the great gifts you can buy to remind you of your time there - in particular Native American related items.

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Unless there is construction or digs going on, the museum is handicap accessible.

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10am - 3pm Tuesday to Saturday

All year round. Closed Sundays, Mondays and holidays

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