Horseback Riding at Waterloo Rec

Grass Lake, MI

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Address: 12998 Trist Rd, Grass Lake, MI 49240, USA Number: 7346374457 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Horses are amazing creatures, and kids who have the chance to be a part of their lives and interact with them usually come away with a different perspective on animals. They have their own personalities, and their own stories. 

Horseback Riding at Waterloo Rec is run by Horse N Around Stables, and originally these beautiful horses were rescued and rehabilitated. It's stories like these that allow kids to realize that animals should be treated kindly, and the consequences what will happen if they're mis treated.

Their time at Horse N Around Stables will introduce them to some amazing creatures, where they can spend 30 minutes or an hour together as part of a fun trail ride through the Michigan forest.

You might spot some other wildlife on the trails if you're lucky!

The trail riding runs over summer, and they welcome riders of any age, and experience. So even if you have never even seen a horse before, you are very welcome and you will be looked after! The staff will be there from the first step up onto the horse, and give guidance as to how the best way to ride the animals will be.

A great way for them to discover the world of horses! No need to be scared - they will answer any questions you have. The trail rides are gentle, and the horses are familiar with people so you’re not the first they have looked after.

It’s a lovely family experience that you can all share together out in the beautiful nature of Michigan. 

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How much does it cost?



$25 for 30 minutes. $35 for 60 minutes



Sam as adult.



Group discounts for 8 or more.


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There are two other locations of the stables if you happen to be in another area of Michigan!

Any top tips?


If you do want to enjoy a fun winter ride through the snow, give them a call and see what they can do for you!

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Healthy Eating Bring some water and snacks in your bag, but check when you're there about food around the horses.

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


With discounts for group tours, why not bring the students? It's a great introduction to horseback riding and nature, and they can learn all about the horses.

Need a little extra help?


Give them a call about any disabilities you have to see what help they can offer you

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When can we go?

Friday Through Sunday

Summer only, however during winter by appointment.

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