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Ann Arbor, MI

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Address: 4940 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, USA Number: 734 929-9324 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Love animals? Why not explore The Creature Conservancy for your next family day out? They are a non-profit educational organization that hope to inspire compassionate connections to wildlife through their presentations, tours, camps, events and public visits!

Kids can learn all about animals, and why conservation is so important, as well as ecology and biology through seeing and hearing about live animals in an intimate and exciting setting. 

More than half the residents at The Creature Conservancy are rescues, each with their own story that you can hear about during your visit. It's amazing visiting, knowing that your admission goes towards helping with the care of these animals too!

Also at the conservancy are animals that have been transferred from other institutions. These creatures were born in captivity, and also offer amazing stories that kids can hear about. 

Kids can see animals such as Southern Three-Banded Armadillos, the endangered Palawan Binturong, and the Two-Toed Sloth.  They can also learn all about Quinn the bald eagle who was injured by a car, Al the alligator, who was the first resident of The Creature Conservancy, and Dumpie the ball python, who was found in a dumpster. 

The Goal of The Creature Conservancy is to create personal connections between people, animals, and their shared environment. They hope to cultivate a greater appreciation for the animals with which we share this planet.

So why not enjoy a family day out with a meaning when in Ann Arbor. Your visit supports an amazing cause!

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$6 (Ages 2-12)


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There is limited outdoor viewing from 10am - 6pm weekdays, free of charge.

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Check out the presentation schedule on the morning when you arrive so you can plan your day around what you want to see!

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Throughout the week they are dedicated to hosting field trips, kids camps, and many other educational experience for the kids, where they can meet their foxes, great horned owl, black vulture, turkey vulture, eagle owl, and other rescued residents, and hear their stories in person.

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Just speak to staff to ask about accessibility, they will happy to help you!

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Public Entry: 1pm - 5pm weekends only

Open year round, but field trips & private events only during the week

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