Headwaters Science Center

Bemidji, MN

Where are we going?

Headwaters Science Center
413 Beltrami Ave NW
MN 56601

218 444 4472

What is there to do?

Check Out the Exhibits

Most exhibits require active participation by the visitor; some require dexterity and/or creativity, but all result in better understanding and appreciation of scientific principles and concepts. Try the bottled lightning exhibit which is a globe filled with "lightning" showing the behavior of electricity and conductivity. Also, with help from a staff person, you can connect yourself to a fluorescent light bulb and watch it glow. The pitching cage has a radar detector that measures the speed of a thrown ball, demonstrating Doppler Effect. Wildwood Garden is a place to sit, relax and contemplate your place in Nature; its purpose is to increase awareness and appreciation of plants and wild flowers using living specimens.

Getting Up Close With Animals

The live animal collection is always a big attraction for young and old. It is provided for educational purposes, to further the appreciation of living things, and to demonstrate biological and life history processes. Where appropriate and under supervision of Center staff, visitors may handle and examine most of the animals. You can hold a boa constrictor (with help of course) if so inclined, or a variety of other snakes, lizards, mammals and amphibians. Get really friendly with a tarantula or hissing cockroach. Many people visiting the Center leave having completely overcome their fear of snakes and other critters. Group demonstrations and activities are available.

How much does it cost?

Adults: $7

Children: $5

Free Under: 2 years.


When can we go?

Daily 9:30am to 5:30pm except Sundays which are 1pm to 5pm.

year around, except major holidays


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