Fort Mountain State Park

Chatsworth, GA

Where are we going?

Fort Mountain State Park
Fort Mountain State Park
181 Fort Mountain State Park Rd
GA 30705

706 422 1932

What is there to do?

Who's ready to get their wild life on! Fort Mountain State Park in northern Georgia, can be found in the beautiful Chattahoochee National Forest and is a great way for the family to get out into the great, GREAT outdoors!

This mountain getaway has some of the most beautiful trails in Georgia. You can spend the day hiking, or perhaps racing on your super fun mountain bikes. Horseback riders, you're included too as you make your way through the hardwood forest and blueberry thickets. Challenge yourself as you cross streams and explore the picturesque lake.

Hikers - you can also explore and amazing stone fire tower, and an ancient rock wall, both found on the highest point on the mountain. Maybe you can help them solve their problem, because the very mysterious 855 foot long wall is thought to date back all the way to early Indians, who built it as a fortification against more hostile Indians or even for ancient ceremonies. 

A beach in a state park? Why not! During summer families can cool down in that summer heat by the lakeside beach. You can even try your hand at miniature golf, or even rent some pedal boats!

Want some adventure? Try your hand at geo-caching, or get out and try some fishing, paddle-boarding, canoeing or kayaking! 

If you ware looking to extend your family day out into family days out, then you can stay over night in their fully equipped cottages, backpacking campsites or even the campground.

Outdoor fun? Yes please! Fort Mountain State Park is certainly set up for the entire family to have a LOT of it! Enjoy!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $5 parking.

Discount: Annual parking passes available.


Need a little extra help?

Call the park to check accessibility of the trails and park.


When can we go?

Open 7am to 10pm daily. Office hours 8am - 5pm.

Open all year round.


Any top tips?

The First Time Camper program is great for kids, so make sure you check them out - it's great fun!

I’m Hungry!

Take a fun picnic, and enjoy some time out in the sun next to the lake!

Healthy Eating

It's always great to take a lot of water when going out into nature for a full day. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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