Dead Broke Farm

Raleigh, NC

Where are we going?

Dead Broke Farm
6921 Wildlife Trail

919 596-8975

What is there to do?

Think Dead Broke Farm is a funny name for a horse riding stable? It is a bit, isn't it!  Did you know that if a horse is well trained it's referred to as "broke"? And if it's a really special horse that is super responsive to beginners and is able to be ridden by anyone, it's called "dead broke".

So it makes sense because when you visit Dead Broke Farm, you will be around beautiful rescued horses which are super friendly, and just waiting to give kids a great time with pony rides and trail rides!

Dead Broke Farm is a unique horse riding stable which offers rides, trip and lessons to horse lovers from about 4 and up. They really are a great farm to visit for kids, because they can learn about the importance of looking after animals. They can hear the stories of the horses, who were saved from starvation, slaughter, and mistreatment.  They can also see how they have improved, and realise that they are worthy of as much care and love as any animal or any person. An invaluable lesson!

The farm have a series of rides for kids, and a series for teens and adults. Kids can enjoy hand-led rides on a trail through the woods - not just led around the riding circle!

Parents you are more than welcome to walk along the horse as they ride (or you can rent a horse and ride with them!)

Being situated on over 100 acres of farm land, their trails cover creek crossings, rolling hills and beautiful wildlife. Kids must be over 6 to ride on their own, but younger kids from 2 can ride but they must be assisted. A fantastic way for kids to get out into nature and enjoy a true trail ride! 

They can cater for beginners or those with a little more experience. They offer riding lessons too if anyone feels they want to improve or gain more confidence on the horses. 

If you fancy getting out into the wilderness for a night, they offer riding camping trips! Whether it's overnight or a whole weekend, you will have the horse with you so you can ride for an hour or even six! You camp near a fire pit and picnic table (you bring your own tents) and just have an amazing time! 

A beautiful experience for kids with an important message.

How much does it cost?

Adults: Trail rides from $40.

Children: 15 minute hand-led pony rides: $25. Trail rides from $40.


When can we go?

Scheduled ride times for trail rides and pony rides, so check before you book.


Any top tips?

Make sure you book ahead. The trail rides and pony rides occur at scheduled times so just check when you call which time suits you best. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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