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About Conservators Center

What is the closest you have ever come to a wolf? Have you ever looked a lion right in the eye? Conservators Center offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences for the whole family, where kids can encounter these incredible creatures through unique experiences - often just 5 feet away!

The center rescue animals that are no longer wanted for a number of reasons. Perhaps they are too old, or have behavorial issues...(some people just don't understand how to love an animal) the Conservators Center takes these animals in, looks after them, loves them, and offers them a happy life. It's amazing the changes that can happen in an animal if they are just looked after properly!

You will get to see a number of creatures on your tours. Most of them love people so you might even be lucky and have one come right up to the fence to say hellO!

Your trip to the center has to be arranged prior to your arrival through a book tour. This ensures the animals happiness as they won't be stressed out by the commotion you might find in a regular zoo.

The tour guides make ever effort to encourage the animals to come and say hi, but of course the level of activity depends on the time of day, the weather and season (much like us! We all love a Sunday morning lie in!)

There is a chance you won't see every species on your visit (for example the nocturnal animals will probably be sleeping during the day) but that also means on your next visit you will likely experience something new!

Make sure you consider what you and the kids would love to see, and pick your tour accordingly. There are morning, afternoon and evening tours. Each has it's perks. Mornings see the animals awake and active, and perhaps making incredible sounds. Afternoon sees the animals calm and peaceful. Evenings they are vocal and you also get to experience the noctural animals. 

Also, the time of year determines what you will see. Don't be put off by the rain however. They have indoor quarters for some animals, and can you imagine the grand lions running in from the rain? We don't think so!

Spend some time getting to know the animals names and personalities. It's a much more personal experience that the zoo, and a great way for kids to really understand how unique animals are, and how important it is to look after them.

The Conservators Center is waiting to give you the experience of a lifetime! 

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Adults From $12 (12 and up)

Children From $10 (0 - 11)

Free Under 3 years, but they must have a ticket (select tours)

Last Update 2023

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Conservators Center FAQ’s

Doing our bit

They really do their best to care for these abandoned animals. Ever visit helps towards the costs of caring for them, so you are doing your bit too!

Do they have baby facilities?

Unfortunately strollers aren't allowed as the tour path is crushed gravel, and can overexcite some of the animals.

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Conservators Center?

You can bring water, but please don't bring food or eat during the tours.

Any top tips when visiting?

Make sure you really check out the various tours! There are tours just for kids, just for adults, ones perfect for the whole family, and even seasonal ones, like for Halloween!

Do they have baby facilities?

Unfortunately strollers aren't allowed as the tour path is crushed gravel, and can overexcite some of the animals.

Is Conservators Center fully accessible?

Unfortunately wheelchairs or assistive devices aren't allowed as the tours are on crushed gravel. They do have a golf cart for one passenger to use though at a small fee. Reservations are necessary.

Any additonal information?

Don't arrive without a ticket! Tours sell out and you won't be allowed on site without a ticket.