Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

Independence, OH

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Address: 7900 Old Rockside Rd, Independence, OH 44131 Number: (330) 439-5708 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Choo choo! Are you ready to take a trip on one of the oldest, longest, and most scenic excursion railways in the country? Great, because the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is about to depart, and there is a ticket waiting just for you!

For over 100 years, trains have been moving through the scenic wonders of what is now Cuyahoga Valley National Park and today YOU can be part of that history!

Back in 1880, the Cuyahoga Valley Railway began as a way to transport coal from the Tuscarawas River Valley to Cleveland, Akron, and Canton.

After about 10 years, the Valley Railway became part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and in the 1900s, competition from automobiles and other modes of transport saw a decline in both freight and passenger service. But then, interest in the line was renewed in 1972 as a scenic excursion route!

This scenic excursion is a really unique way to experience all the natural wonder Cuyahoga Valley National Park has to offer, allowing you to just sit back and relax as this historic train weaves through the Cuyahoga Valley and races along with the energetic Cuyahoga River.

There are a number of stops on the route that you can jump on or off, and its this route that provides passengers the opportunity to possibly spot a host of amazing wildlife that is all around you, from eagles, deer, beavers, and herons all in their natural habitat!

It's worth noting that Rockside and Akron Northside are the primary stations.

So are you ready to enjoy this unique and history way of exploring Ohio's only national park? All aboard, we're ready!

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How much does it cost?



Tickets start from $16



Tickets start from $11 (Ages 3 to 12)


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Additional Information

The National Park Scenic is approximately 3.5 hours round trip. Events on the Cleveland Dinner and Event Train are approximately 2 hours round trip.

Any top tips?


Please ensure that you arrive to your departing station at least 30 minutes prior to departure. Their conductors must ensure that the train leaves on time and cannot wait for late passengers. All ticket sales are final.

I'm Hungry!


There is a fully stocked café car offers a variety of snacks and beverages. The café car is accessible during the duration of your train ride. No outside food or drink is permitted

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Where is it at?


The train stops at multiple stations, Mill Street is where the customer service depot is located but the address listed here is the Rockside station, which is the start of the line. Check the website for details on where you can jump on and off the train! Rockside and Akron Northside are the primary stations.

Free parking is located near the stations

Teachers corner


Group Rates are applicable during the months of January through September only so call to arrange a student visit! They would love to have you!

Can I get one of those?


You certainly can!. Gifts and souvenirs are available for purchase from their café car.

Need a little extra help?


Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad has a handicap-accessible car with a wheelchair lift. Please note: availability may be limited. If you would like to request seating in their ADA cars, please call the customer service office at 330-439-5708 to book.

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Baby Facilities

Strollers are allowed on the train, but you will be asked to fold it up when boarding so it can be stowed away safely between or above the seats during the trip.

When can we go?

The Rockside Station and Akron Northside Station will only be open for one hour prior to departure times. The Peninsula Depot will be open 9am – 1pm on days the National Park Scenic train ride is running.

Check website for operations

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