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Address: 1331 El Camino Real, Millbrae How do we get there? Number: 650.892.8288
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Afterschool programs are a great option for lots of children. Children who enroll in afterschool programs receive greater academic support and homework help from peers and tutors, and are more likely to complete homework on time. Being involved in an afterschool program also helps boost children's confidence and social skills, widening their circle of friends and support systems. Having a friend to do homework with also helps to make homework time more fun and enjoyable! Overall, afterschool programs help children in a multitude of ways, both academically and socially.

We offer: 

  • Technology-focused Afterschool Program (Coding, Hands-on projects)
  • Academics-focused Afterschool Program
  • Science-focused Afterschool Program
  • Chinese-focused Afterschool Program
    All of the programs are customizable for each of the kid. We want to help them to achieve their best goals in life and be a top-notch student at school.

    We offer a free Facility Tour to get acquainted with our programs, equipment and teachers.
    Right now we have some sweet deals because we want to pursue the goal - make education goals accessible to all. It's also possible to schedule a pick-up from School to our Facility, so your child will study in a comfortable and safe place.


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1331 El Camino Real, Millbrae
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We do not offer catering, but we offer Transportation (pick-up from School!)

Bring your friends! It's always fun to be with someone you trust.

We’ll give your child a simple assessment to see what level they are academically.
Using the assessment results, we will draft up a report for your child.
Our personalized packets are designed for each student specifically, fitting each child’s personal level in order to help them improve at their own pace.
We’ll be giving weekly assessments to test improvement and make sure our students are grasping the topics correctly.
We understand how important communication is, which is why we send home a progress report each month to update you on your child’s behavior and academics.
Follow these steps to not only improve in school but also improve overall attitude and behavior!

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