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Arnolds Park, IA

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Address: 162 Minnewashta Beach Rd, Arnolds Park, IA 51331, USA Number: 712-332-2183 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There is something wonderful about families going down to the amusement parks back when they were simple and charming. Great thing Arnold's Park still exists because families can have that same experience!

Arnold's Park was built ALL the way back in 1889 (quick on the math - how many years ago was that? Too slow!) during the golden age of amusement parks. It's also one of the longest operating amusement parks in the entire world - now THAT'S impressive!  

Parents can re-live a time gone by, and kids can experience a whole new world of amusement park, with classic rides like the wooden roller coaster (known otherwise as The Legend!).  Did you know it's the 7th oldest roller coaster in the entire country? Don't worry - its still very safe!

The ride was actually built in 1930 as a free form figure 8 design (those classic curves you see!) - and on it would will be taken up to 63 feet and go on a journey up to 50 mph! Think of the amazing view once you're at the top! Pretty incredible! 

There are over 20 rides for the family to choose from, and every one will create a memory. Naturally, the park is more than just rides too! There are also water wars, live concerts and food outlets to keep you entertained! 

There are hidden treasures around the park too - it's a great introduction for kids on history as well as fun. They can walk around and look at all the buildings, memories, and original structures and perhaps imagine what it would have been like to be at over 100 years ago - do they think kids would have the same fun! (We think so!)

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Above 42" - $26.95



Under 42" - $21.95



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There's a beach around the park too! Take your swimmers!

Any top tips?


There's a Maritime Museum at the park too! Walking tours are 30 to 60 minutes, and group tours should be booked 3 weeks in advance.

I'm Hungry!


From the Shake Shack, to Midway Grille and concession stands, you have all the sandwiches, snacks and sweets you could want! Burgers, nachos, name it!

Healthy Eating Maxwells Beach Cafe is casual elegant dining with steaks and seafood, so there are healthy options there for the family

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Teachers corner


They have group rates so check them out and perhaps get the science students down - always a good excuse to learn physics!

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From games, toys, souvenirs, clothing, gifts, and novelty items - you certainly will be needing to save your pocket money!

Need a little extra help?


The Maritime Museum is handicap accessible. Check with staff when you get to the park about what rides you will be able to have access to.

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Hours vary on day so check before you go

May to September

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