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Louisville, KY

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Address: 700 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202 Number: (502) 217-6300 Website Contact How do we get there?

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So much more than a hotel, the 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville is home to a FREE entry Art Museum in 21c Museum Hotel (and it's open 24 hours!)

In fact, it's North America’s FIRST museum dedicated solely to collecting and exhibiting the art of the 21st century! If you have kids who love to appreciate art, or perhaps want to introduce them to the wonders of the art world, then this is a great budget friendly experience for your next family day out in Louisville. 

Before you even get into the hotel, you can't miss the 30ft David statue, of course inspired by Michelangelo. It's also VERY gold, so make sure you take a picture before you step inside!

Once inside, take time to look around too. The museum is set across five 19th-century warehouses creating 9,000 square feet of exhibition space. The curated exhibitions and site-specific installations reflect the global nature of contemporary culture which makes for great talking points with kids.

The galleries within the 21c Museum Hotel's Art Museum are open daily, and the exhibitions rotate, so you can visit often and see something new each time! Of course, make sure you take advantage of regular cultural programming, too.

What's great about the art, exhibitions and installations at the Art Museum, is that they reach beyond just "paintings" as art. Kids can see beautiful and inspirational paintings, of course, but they can also appreciate interactive installations, sculptures, and photography.

An Art Attack ready for the family in Louisville, so let's get inspired!

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The museum is of course a hotel too, so if you're in Louisville for longer than a day, check out the rooms which really embrace the history of the city!

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There is a restaurant in the hotel (and parents, you will love the 180+ Kentucky Bourbons they have there too!)

Healthy Eating The on-site restaurant has plenty of healthy food options for you!

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Where is it at?


Located in downtown Louisville on historic West Main Street, along Museum Row. Parking is available in a covered garage adjacent to and just steps south of the main entrance on 7th Street.

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Give the hotel a call if you have questions about the accessibility of the museum

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Open 24 hours!

Open year round

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